Trunks (DragonBall FighterZ)
I used a time machine to come back from twenty years in the future.

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98th Tournament
Storyline of Tobal No. 1
(During 2048 AD)
In the year 2027, an Earth' starship orbit probe discovered the planet of Tobal, a unique and fertile world with 10 moons and filled with large deposits of the rarest and most powerful energy source in the galaxy. Molmoran. In meeting with the King of Tobal, Earth begins discussions over the opportunities of gaining rights to mine the precious Molmoran. However, several other planets also enter in the bidding.

With negotiations running amok, the King of Tobal, an avid fan of martial arts, decided to hold a tournament, Tobal No. 1, to which the winner receives the rights to mine the precious matter. Champions from each of the civilizations meet once every 200 days in a winner-takes-all competition that is judged by the King himself.

The year is now 2048 and the 98th Tournament is about to begin...


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