Cerebella (Skullgirls)
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Storyline of Skullgirls
Every seven years, a mysterious artifact known as the Skull Heart grants a woman a single wish. However, should her heart be impure, both her wish and her physical form shall be twisted by malice. She will become the Skullgirl, a monstrous entity of immense power. Those who seek the Skull Heart must destroy the Skullgirl to claim it as their own.

Seven years ago, three great nations of the world waged a terrible war against each other. Their relentless campaigns left a desolate wasteland between their borders. Desperate to end the bloodshed, a gentle queen in possession of the Skull Heart made a wish for peace. But to her horror, the Skull Heart warped her desire and instead transformed her into the most powerful Skullgirl yet.

Faced with such an unholy aggressor, the three nations had no choice but to end their war and form an alliance in order to survive. The battle was catastrophic for them all, but in the end the three nations eked out a narrow victory. Haunted by what they had seen, the three nations lowered their banners and the world entered a new era of peace. The Queen’s wish had been granted, albeit for a terrible price, and the Skull Heart itself was lost amidst the carnage.

Seven years have passed since that wish was granted. Rumors spread of a new Skullgirl rising from the ashes of war. Those drawn through fate or desire trek towards the final battlefield in search of the Skull Heart, willing to risk everything for a single wish.


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