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Sango Fighter
Storyline of Sango Fighter
At the twilight of the Eastern-Han Dynasty of ancient China, under the reign of the frail and incompetent Emperor Han-Ling, the country was disarray when the government was run by a group of corrupted eunuchs-the so called "Ten Attendants". Hardship and famine finally threw the country into turmoil. A rebellion quickly spread over the country. The rebels were known as "Yellow Scarfs" because they covered their heads with yellow scarfs. To get the full support of the generals in the military regions, Emperor Han-Ling entrusted them with more military power to crack down the uprising. The Yellow Scarfs were finally crushed but at the expense of the central government which saw its authority threatened by the generals turned warlords. One of these warlords, Dong Zhuo, on the pretext of dislodging the Ten Attendants, marched into the capital city Luoyang and then usurped the throne. Although Dong Zhuo was quickly defeated by other allied generals, the turmoil was far from over. As the weakened Eastern-Han Dynasty no longer had authority over the whole country, every warlord was watching for the opportunity to take over the leadership. After ten years of suffering from numerous battles between warlords, the people in northern China finally had some respite when Cao Cao, a Machiavellian strategist, eliminated all his opponents in the North.

Not content with his success in the North, Cao Cao wanted to reign over the whole China by eliminating the rest of the warlords in the Sougth. His first target was Liu Bei who, being a royal prince of the East-Han Dynasty, had a legitimate claim to the throne. Though small in force, Liu Bei was well entrenched in the county of Jing, and he knew how to preserve himself by allying with a neighouring warlord Sun Quan. Together they engineered a serious blow to the ambition of Cao Cao when they defeated his great army in the campaign of Chibi. Having suffered a great lost Cao Cao had no alternative butto retreat to the North. Taking advantage of his military success, Liu Bei went further to occupy the region of Sichuan so as to consolidate his position in the county of Jing. With the help of his five intrepid generals-Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, Zhao Yun, Ma Cao and Huang Zhong, he managed to build up an army strong enough to wrestle alone with Cao Cao. With the aim of restoring the Eastern-Han Dynasty, he now sets off to the North to confront Cao Cao. But Cao Cao is by no means a chicken. He also has many experienced generals like Dian Wei, Xu Xu, and Xiahou Chun holding out in various fortresses. Will Liu Bei overcome all these obstacles on his way to the North? Will he finally defeat Cao Cao to restore the Eastern dynasty?


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