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NEOGEO Battle Coliseum
Storyline of Neo Geo Battle Coliseum
(During 2017)
In February, 2017 of the New Japanese Era.....these is a man trying to rule the NEOGEO world. This world has been prosperous for many years.

"I will beat the strongest warrior in NEOGEO and take the throne."

If he can take this power, his dream to conquer the overall world may become a reality. The man who controls WAREZ has begun to make his ambitions come true by using his enormous financial power. People who know the truth are terrified.

The situation continues to get serious for NEOGEO World. An announcement is made of a fighting event held by WAREZ. This event is called

"NEOGEO Battle Coliseum"

The Federal Government is very worried about this event. It has decided to send two of its best secret agents, Yuki and Ai to the event.

Dark clouds fill the sky.....Warriors are in the battle arena......

The future of NEOGEO World is now in the hands of the warriors.


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