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Storyline of Blandia
It was long long ago, an unimaginable time past. Shortly after people discovered copper, there were continuous battles over gold in various regions. Man of power who were supposed to protect the people and promote the prosperity of the town battled cach other for gold, and all the people where ensnared in war.

Amidst the fury, a man calling himself "King" appeared among them. He commanded the authorities to turn over all gold to him. Naturally, those in power refused. And all the towns opposing the king were destroyed by the king's magic.

Some people engaged the king in man-to-man combat to save their towns. But all challengers perished in a sea of blood before this swordsman king, who claimed to be the strongest man alive.

People feared him, calling him "The Mad Gold King."

All the gods pay head to these earthly events and selected six strong man, one each from six towns in possession of a holy shrine. The gods decided to choose one of the six with whom they would endow the power to vanquish the Mad Gold King. From now on, it is up to you to create the story.

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