Chun-Li (Street Fighter X Tekken)
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Fight a Legend, Become a Legend
Storyline of Tournament of Legends
I am Nona, Mistress of the Fates.

These threads form a tapestry of life, an unusual and ever-changing fabric where each single thread affects all of the others. Even one thread could ruin the entire tapestry. If it pulls in the right place at the right time, that time is now and the place is here.

Jupiter, king of the gods, has gone missing. With his absence, the power of his pantheon has also fled. The other gods hide in fear of mortal retribution, save Thanatos, the god of death. As the reaper of their souls, he feels he has nothing to fear for mortalkind, but there are those who are determined to prove Thanatos wrong. Those who would use this time and this place to claim the power of death for themselves and their own purposes.

And so, behold the threads of these heroes and legends. Will they know victory or defeat? Their fate is in your hands!


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