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Revival of Azure and Crimson Blades
Storyline of Samurai Shodown: Warriors Rage (PSX)
(During 1811)
During the Edo period, the Shogunate provided a criminal's haven on a small island in the nearby bay to house and rehabilitate prisoners. However, some schemed to reinvigorate the criminal's haven into their own private country, with their own choice of leadership, destroying the Shogunate in the progress. These individuals are known as the "Hagyo Razor Trio." With their massive amount of political power, they attracted thousands of prisoners. Anarchy began to take over, and those in the criminal's haven began to prey upon the weak. This place then became known as "Riten-Kyo".

Three people approach a hilltop and gaze down the side at a city. One is a man with a zanbatou and another is an aesthetically pleasing woman. They both share the same red eyes. Behind them stands a quiet-hearted old man.

The woman says, "There is trouble in Riten-Kyo."

The young man proclaims. "We don't need to interfere. Our enemies will come to us. Peace will visit them in the end."

Warriors gather from all over to Riten-Kyo for a grand battle, each with his or her own motives.


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