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Fighters' Impact
Storyline of Fighters' Impact
As the legend goes, there is a fighter, blind, but one whose mind's eye was opened through the mastery a number of the fighting arts. The fighter was incredibly clever, though tremendously cruel stemming from a childhood tragedy. His revengeful thought for the man who dragged him down to the very bottom of despair has turned into mad hatred for fighters all over the world.

The revenge started on a day before the opening of the World Fighting Arts Championships held in Brazil. Many participants were murdered in a practice halls. The murders were committed by the blind fighter Barazok and his followers. Disasters like this happened all over the world one after another. Will this madness cover the entire earth?

Only now have stood up eight brave fighters who would bravely battle the mad group fighters... but is there one who can beat the followers and reach the blind one? The eight braves masters must challenge each other to the finish to decide who will meet the blind one.


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