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This is a story in the future, not so long from now... It is discovered there are mysterious people who have capability to transform themselves into a beast figure. "Something mysterious which has been latent in their genes", related to the formation of figure and capability of various animals, awakes one day suddenly due to anomalies. They are called "Zoanthropes," but few people know their extraordinary potentialities. Under such circumstances, some researchers have found that almost all of us equally have the gene in fact that could "beastorize" ourselves. A special information code is contained in this gene, and this information code is called <>. It is considered that only those whose trigger has been activated can transform into a Zoanthrope.
Tylon's Intrigue
As time passed..Release Battle Line of Zoanthropes
XGC (X-Genome Code) That Evokes Death
Kingdom of Zoanthropes
Bloody Roar 4
Tylon's Intrigue
It was Tyron, Inc., a multinational company that planned conquering world using military force and technologies, and they were aware of the Zoanthropes' extraordinary power, about which a few scientists had been studying. Tylon schemes utilization of Zoanthropes' powerful capabilities for military purpose, and captures many of them as the subjects of the experiment. Furthermore, Tyron intends to brainwash and modify them to make them the fighting forces.

However, Tylon's plot that is going to abuse Zoanthropes is smashed by the counterattack by gallant Zoanthropes who fight risking their lives. Tylon's evil deed is exposed to the world, and many Zoanthropes who are captured regain the freedom.


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