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Win Quote vs. Sho (continues used)
Kayin: Please tell me that you didn't kill my father.
Sho: Have you come to avenge his death, or not? Here stands his killer. Destroy me. That's what I deserve.
Kayin: I look in your eyes and I see nothing but sorrow there. But inside, you must be the same. The Sho I knew would never kill.
Sho: But I'm not the Sho you knew. I'm no longer a man. I am chaos. And my sword brings only death.
Kayin: I entered this tournament to find a killer. Well, I've found him. But there is no joy in the finding. Why you, Sho, my teacher, my guide?
Sho: Kayin, be strong. You don't need me. Take up your sword. I am not your friend. I am your enemy.
Kayin: I can't do it! Eiji! What should I do?

-Kayin Amoh (Battle Arena Toshinden Remix)

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