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Win Quote vs. Gaia (continues used)
Gaia: You're good. You are Amoh's son.
Kayin: Did you know my father?
Gaia: He defeated me, utterly. Years ago. He fought like you. After our fight, I never saw him again.
Kayin: I learned to fight from a master. Sho, the brother of my best friend. Do you know him?
Gaia: You learned from him? He won the last tournament. He even fought Master. He is called the Stranger.
Kayin: Sho? No, that must be a lie.
Gaia: You know it is not.
Kayin: I won't believe it!
Gaia: Come, see with your own eyes. Soon you will meet the stranger.

-Kayin Amoh (Battle Arena Toshinden Remix)

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