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Win Quote vs. Dhalsim
Wh-whoa! What’s the deal with those stretchy arms? Roll, I’ve found a real live alien!
-Megaman (Street Fighter X Tekken)
Similar Dialogue
Julia Chang's Win Quote vs. Mega Man (Street Fighter X Tekken)
You’re weird…in more ways than just one. And what’s with those clothes?

Hwoarang's Win Quote vs. Vega (Street Fighter X Tekken)
Huh, I guess narcissists really don't deal with losing that well.

Ky Kiske's Win Quote vs. Bridget (Guilty Gear XX)
Even with those weak arms, you covered yourself impressively.

Felden's (CPU) Before Battle with Musafar (Galaxy Fight)
Ha, ha, ha, I've found a really nice toy to play with!

MegaMan Volnutt's Win Quote vs. Yatterman-2 (Tatsunoko vs. Capcom)
Heh... So you're, like, pretty good with machines, eh? I think you and Roll would get along really well.

Robert Garcia's Prefight vs. Eiji (Art of Fighting 2)
Robert: Who are you and what are those clothes, nerd king?
Eiji: Coming from a guy with a ponytail. I really must laugh, heh!

Maki Kagura's Win Quote (King of Fighters '96, The)
Those with reasons to live have the true power to win!

Sagat's Win Quote vs. Nina (Street Fighter X Tekken)
Were you really able to take lives with that level of fighting ability?

Axl Low's Win Quote vs. Anji (Guilty Gear XX)
With those dancing skills of yours, you could really go places. Just don't end up in the wrong place...

Asuka Kazama's Win Quote vs. Chun Li (Street Fighter X Tekken)
Wow, your legs are crazy muscular! I bet you can deliver some dirty kicks with those!

Deadpool's Win Quote (Marvel vs Capcom 3)
You with the controller! I won DESPITE you. You suck. And smell -- REALLY smell.

Sakura Kasugano's Win Quote vs. Dhalsim (Street Fighter X Tekken)
No matter how many times I see it, those stretchy arms are way weird...

Megaman's Win Quote vs. Ibuki (Street Fighter X Tekken)
First time I’ve ever seen a real live ninja. You were almost too fast for me…