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Win Quote vs. Julia
You have nice muscles! Very powerful! We should battle again!
-Zangief (Street Fighter X Tekken)
Similar Dialogue
Dragon's Win Quote (World Heroes 2 Jet)
Achaaaa! You should have known you were up against Asian dynamite!

Guile's Win Quote (Capcom vs SNK 2)
Aww... Leaving so soon? You should have thought twice before joining the battle!

Captain Kidd's (CPU) Before Mirror Match (World Heroes 2 Jet)
Geeeez! This is my ship! You should not have come up against me, silly person.

Jack O'Lantern's Win Quote (The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy)
Have a nice trip! I take one every fall! Hahahahahaha!

Trunks's Win Quote (DragonBall Z Taiketsu)
I gave it everything I had. You should have done the same.

Axl Low's Win Quote vs. Dizzy (Guilty Gear X)
It was a close battle. I hope we never have to fight again.

Gokuraku's Win Quote vs. Manjimaru (Kabuki Klash)
Manjimaru your skills have fallen. Maybe you should start training again.

Clark Steel's Win Quote vs. Tizoc (King of Fighters 2003, The)
Muscles aren't everything. You gotta have "guts!"

Sean's Win Quote (Street Fighter 3: Third Strike)
My master was right... I have to improve myself with every battle!

Venom's Win Quote (Marvel vs Capcom)
My symbiote's tops; everyone should have one!

Andy Bogard's Win Quote vs. Bob (Real Bout Fatal Fury)
Nice footwork, pal. We'll have to do this again!

Guile's Win Quote vs. Nina (Street Fighter X Tekken)
One miss on the battlefield could be fatal. I shouldn't have to tell you that though.

Roll's Win Quote (Marvel vs Capcom)
See? I should have been in Power Battle!

Alsion III's Win Quote (remaining life: low) (Breakers Revenge)
Why should I have a close battle with a fellow like you...!

Sagat's Win Quote (Street Fighter 4)
You have potential. We should fight again one day.

Zangief's Win Quote vs. Marduk (Street Fighter X Tekken)
Very nice muscles! And you can put on a good show! From today, we are Muscle Comrades!

Steve Fox's Win Quote Vs Sakura (Street Fighter X Tekken)
Very nice techniques! Lack a bit of a punch though. You should put on some weight.

Ryu's Win Quote vs. Ippatsuman (Tatsunoko vs. Capcom)
You've got quite the nice punch. I'm sure we'll battle again soon enough.