Monster Hunter (Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite) says...
Won't need any healing potions fighting you.
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Before Battle with CPU Hakan
Hakan: What's this?
Crimson Viper: Hmm... I honestly thought you'd be taller. You didn't look that short in your file.
Hakan: Watch your mouth!
Crimson Viper: Temper's out of control too, I see.
Hakan: Listen up, lady! You sure you wanna start a fight with me? Really sure?
Crimson Viper: I came all this way to see if you were worth recruiting, but I guess not. See you later.
Hakan: Hold it right there! I'm not just gonna let you walk away after that!
Crimson Viper: You'll regret this!

-Crimson Viper (Super Street Fighter 4)

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