Terry Bogard (King of Fighters: Maximum Impact) says...
Hey! Come on, come on.
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Hold on just one second there, pal! On whose authority did you drag your sorry self here, huh? Surely, you know this here is the private residence of Hakan, the oil king of Turkey! Aha! You must be some sort of industrial spy, is that it? Don't lie to me! That paper you have is all the proof I need! It may look like an ordinary shopping list, but I wasn't born yesterday! It's written in a secret code! Get some fire near it, and the invisible ink shows up, no? You've come to steal my trade secrets so your two-bit employer can dethrone me and take over my market share! I can't believe I was almost violated by a spy like you! If you thought for one second that this would make me give up my dream of winning a tournament with my very own oil, you are sadly mistaken! It's time to go on the offensive! I'll devise an oil so magnificent that no one can hope to copy it! This is it! The time has come to cover the world in my oil!
-Hakan (Super Street Fighter 4)

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