Morrigan Aensland (Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite)
Time to find out how you taste.

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Before Battle with CPU Golba
Golba: I welcome you, true warrior. A worthy general for my soldiers.
Jinbei: You're speaking in tongues, son. I've no idea what you're babbling about. Return the Princess to me! NOW!
Golba: Hear me! The embers of conflict smolder in every European land, and when they burst into flame the inferno will consume the world! I require a new nation of mighty warriors to protect my motherland from the flames of war! I value fearless warriors like yourself highly. If you could instill that spirit in my soldiers, my army would be invincible!
Jinbei: Those words should not be directed towards myself. I'm one angry lion who wants his cub back!!!

-Jinbei Sugamata (Samurai Shodown Sen)

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