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Mizuki: Well, what are you going to do now?
Nakoruru: I fight to preserve the sanctity of nature.
Mizuki: Wow, this puts us at odds. I wish there was some way.... You'll have to be sacrificed to the god of darkness!
Nakoruru: Er, um, well, what if I don't want to be sacrificed?
Mizuki: C'mon, it won't be that bad. It'll be over really quickly. I love to watch this. Soul eating. Bring the first soul. The second soul. The third soul. The fourth soul.
Nakoruru: It's a lovely ceremony, isn't it?
Mizuki: And, finally, the last step. A little of this.... The secret stone of God. You're lucky to be here. With this stone, my God can destroy the world. Aaah, I'm sorry. We need one more soul to bring him back.
Nakoruru: Noo, please. Noo!!
Mizuki: C'mon, it could be worse. Y'could be stabbed. Be proud. Your soul will bring back the God of the dark. Your relation to that false God is going to excite him.
Nakoruru: Please. Help me.
Mizuki: Heh heh, that's it. Just submit. It's easier that way.

-Mizuki (Samurai Shodown 6)

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