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Kazuki: Hazuki, where are you?? She should be here!
Hazuki: Kazuki, my brother!
Kazuki: Are you OK, Hazuki? Are you hurt?
Hazuki: I am OK. Are you OK? You aren't mad, are you?
Kazuki: Of course not. I'm so glad you are safe.
Hazuki: I'm so sorry for everything. Thank you for rescuing me.
Kazuki: Of course, Hazuki. I could not let you suffer.
Sogetsu: Kazuki, I have been looking for you!!!
Kazuki: You have been sent to kill me? Well, I will fight you.
Hazuki: No, my brothers!! Stop, listen to me.
Sogetsu: Before we start, did you beat the beasts of Enja and Suija?
Kazuki: Yeah, that was me. I beat the crap out of them.
Sogetsu: OK, let's go. I'll smooth out things in the village.
Kazuki: What is he talking about? But, as long as I can go back....
Hazuki: So, this means I can be with both of my brothers forever?
Kazuki: Ha, as long as you don't go getting yourself kidnapped again. You'll have to start training as a warrior. You'll be safer!
Hazuki: NO WAY, no more learning for me. I'll make dinner, though.
Kazuki: Let's just take it easy, then.
Hazuki: Just take care of me your way, and I'll take care of you.

-Kazuki Kazama (Samurai Shodown 6)

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