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Hanzo: Jubei, your fighting leaves lots to be desired. To lose to you, well, that's unconceivable.
Jubei: Only through fighting can we bring about peace. This is my way.
Hanzo: Let's help each other achieve this goal!!!
Jubei: GREAT! Without you, this thing would be hard.
Hanzo: Your words honor me, but let's not get all touchy-feely!
Jubei: I fought you, it was an honor. I'm the greatest swordsman. YES!! Well, it seems we've wrapped everything up. Let's light up!
Hanzo: Sounds like a plan, Stan!!
A couple of months later.
Hanzo: Jubei, I haven't seen you in ages.
Jubei: I called you here to chat. That's all. Been thinking about the match. It evoked some feelings inside. I'm going to take a leave of absence to be a swordsman again.
Hanzo: Yes, it is a choice I have pondered.
Jubei: Be my own man, do my own thing, train with my sword. Well, maybe I'll see you on the outside then.
Hanzo: Not if I see you first! Ha ha, good luck my friend.
Jubei: Until we meet again!

-Jubei Yagyu (Samurai Shodown 6)

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