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Jubei: Ha ha. I understand, but that's more to look forward to.
Hanzo: I'll pass on to my family my honor besides ninjutsu.
Jubei: But ninjutsu isn't everything. I am still a man.
Hanzo: I shall continue my studies and one day come to be the master.
Jubei: Yes, it is the way. I look forward to the day.
Hanzo: As I said, the world is full of evil, so our fight must last.
Jubei: Yes, it is true. Our fulfillment is merely an illusion.
Hanzo: Our kind live in the shadows, and our work shall go on as it has.
Jubei: Our duty never ends.
Hanzo: So long, Jubei.
A couple of years later
Hanzo: Shinzo, Kanzo, you have completed your tutelage. Shinzo, from now on, you protect this land with the Iga Ninja.
Shinzo: Yes, I will do my best and bring you honor.
Hanzo: Kanzo, you help Shinzo and use your ninjutsu for the world.
Kanzo: Your words are like the light that remains in my eyes forever.
Hanzo: The path of the Ninja is not easy. You must go on. Keep your sword honed. Its prick must exceed my own.
Shinzo and Kanzo: Yes!

-Hanzo Hattori (Samurai Shodown 6)

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