Bob (Street Fighter X Tekken) says...
You can't harm this body.
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Earthquake: That was easy. Japan's treasure is all mine. ...Hey guys, did you get all the treasure? Good, I don't think I see anyone else!
Bandits: I think we've got everybody!
Earthquake: Is that him again?
Bandit: Leader! This weird hole has opened! Gems, the likes of which I've never seen! In the hole!
Earthquake: A hole in the sky!! OK, get behind me, we're going through!
Bandits: Leader! Please wait for me!
Earthquake: OK, guys, just gather all you can.
Bandits: OK.
Earthquake: Wow, I have not seen anything like this. I cannot stop laughing. This is great.
Kuroko: I was gonna close the gate to the devil world. Well, I guess it'll be alright, though it's wrong!

-Earthquake (Samurai Shodown 6)

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