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Yoshitora: Be careful, women can be unpredictable!
Cham Cham: Wow, you have funny hair.
Yoshitora: My hair is cool. And what do you want? The new style!
Cham Cham: Guess........................... I want banana! Lots of them!
Yoshitora: What? You mean like a banana?
Kuroko: It is mystical fruit grown in Mt. Harehare.
Yoshitora: Mmm, I don't think I can provide a lot of banana.
Cham Cham: No banana? You liar! Hum, what is this?
Yoshitora: It is sweet beans bun. It is sweet and good. Try it.
Cham Cham: Sweet bean bun? It's good. OK, give me these. Sweet bean bun. Many, many sweet bean bun! Just give me a lot.
Yoshitora: OK, that's easy. We can prepare them, can't we?
Kuroko: Um, yes, I can do it!
Cham Cham: Sweet bean bun is so good. Try some, bro!
Tam Tam: Yayah, I've had them. Cham Cham, you got so strong!
Cham Cham: Yes, I am the second best after you in the world.
Tam Tam: I am very proud of you.
Cham Cham: Yes? You proud Cham Cham?

-Cham Cham (Samurai Shodown 6)

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