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Basara: Aaaahh.... Where am I going this time? This is strange yet familiar, like being home. What is this? I smell an ogre, one I'd like to eat!!!
Live Basara: STOP!!! Death comes too soon. My revenge is not complete.
Zankuro: A fool's task cannot be completed.
Live Basara: What??
Basara: I have found the one I seek. My soul will be warm tonight. Everyday, I have lived only for this day.... The madness of a man, deprived of love. I tire of this schizoid delusion.
Live Basara: The way clears, the winding road narrows at its terminus.
Basara: You have to make Kagaribi happy.
Zankuro: Who the hell are you? What does it matter?
Basara: My heart will go on!!! It's gone. I'm alone.
Kagaribi: You know I've been here all along. You've sensed it.
Basara: The gates of eternity open, but I can't enter them alone. I have fought to be here with you, back with you.
Kagaribi: No more fighting, just loving. Forever and ever.
Basara: In life we were separated by death, in death, reunited.

-Basara (Samurai Shodown 6)

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