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Ending (Continue Over 20 Times)
...ha ha ha ha ha...
!? Who the hell are you?
This world is filled with petty humans and their hatred, greed, anger, and false ambitions. The bad aura spawned the wizard Scion, and this nearly led humans to their ruin. But you have journeyed far, stood up against overwhelming foes, and fought with courage. Inspired by you, the people have cast aside the darkness and good has returned to the world. The hatred that created me has begun to dissipate... But remember... I'll be back when people become blinded by their greed and desires once again...
With this final warning, Scion died and the treacherous kingdom of Varuda collapsed. It's ironic that humans created Scion, who almost destroyed the human race. If humans do not learn from their mistakes, they are destined to relive history. While watching the rising sun, Tessa thinks to herself...
Tessa: Human beings have a greater potential for power than I thought... I must study this.

-Tessa (Red Earth)

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