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Ending (Continue Between 6 and 19 Times)
Mai-Ling: I'm so alone, so afraid, no one to be with me... What? Who's there?!
Dog: Yip, yip...
Mai-Ling: Oh, a dog! You scared me, pooch! ?!... Oh, you are alone, too?
Dog: Bark!
Mai-Ling: ...You are just like me... Why don't you travel with me, doggie? OK? Will you come with me?
Dog: Bow wow!
Mai-Ling: OK! Then I'm gonna give you a name. Your name is Tin!
Tin: Bow wow!
Mai-Ling: Do you like your new name? Let's go, Tin!
Tin: Bow wow!

-Mai-Ling (Red Earth)

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