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Ending (Don't Trust the Ninja Report)
Kenji: If we cannot trust our leader, then who can we trust? Come on! Let's go back to the castle!
Naosuke: Hee... hee... hee... Good job, Kenji. As a Shinobi, you will always follow me.
Kenji: Yes...
Subordinate: Excuse me, sir!
Naosuke: What is it?
Subordinate: Tanuma is still alive! Reports say he has turned into an ogre and is destroying the town.
Naosuke: Kenji! Make sure to kill that monster this time!
Kenji: As you wish...
Naosuke: You must make sure Kenji dies this time...
Subordinate: I understand, sir!
Kenji is smart enough to know what's going on. He knows that Naosuke is using him. And Kenji knows that Naosuke will try to kill him. But as a Shinobi, Kenji must follow the orders of his Shogun, even when it means that he must die. That is the life of a Shinobi... Kenji thinks to himself, "At least I shall die with honor!"

-Kenji (Red Earth)

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