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Ending (Trust the Ninja Report)
Kenji: If we cannot trust our leader, then who can we trust? Come on! Let's go back to the castle!
Naosuke: Ha... ha... ha... My Shinobi have done a good job. Scion is dead... and those fools Kenji, Tanuma, and Scion don't know I have used them! But the job was not perfect... You must find Kenji and kill him...
Subordinate! Yes sir! Gyahhh!
Naosuke: W... what?! Kenji! W... wait! Noo... Garr!
Used and betrayed, Kenji has dishonored himself by killing his Shogun. Though he tries to hide the pain behind his mask, his eyes betray him. As he stares into the moonlight, he knows what he must do...

-Kenji (Red Earth)

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