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Ending (Continue Less Than 20 Times)
...ha ha ha ha ha...
!? ...Who is it?
This world is filled with petty humans and their hatred, greed, anger, and false ambitions. The bad aura spawned the wizard Scion, and this nearly led humans to their ruin. But you have journeyed far, stood up against overwhelming foes, and fought with courage. Inspired by you, the people have cast aside the darkness and good has returned to the world. The hatred that created me has begun to dissipate... But remember... I'll be back when people become blinded by their greed and desires once again...
3 Wise Men: Congratulations! Superb! What a victory!
Valo: You have completed the most trying of quests, and you never wavered in the face of danger.
Vestu: You have proven your worth as our king. You have the wisdom to guide us.
Vigo: Your strength is great, but you cannot yet rest assured that all is as it should be.
Vestu: You are wise, but there is still much for you to learn.
Vigo: There are still things to be done to further prove the extent of your might.
Vestu: Many things are left unfulfilled!
Valo: You must know what is to be done, great king?

-Leo (Red Earth)

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