Eliot (Dead or Alive 6) says...
Please fight!
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Emergency! Emergency! An unknown energy body is approaching rapidly! Tekkaman, please suit up for battle!
Joji Minami: Man, I just go back in, and now I gotta go back out? Sorry, Pegas, but those repairs are gonna have to wait till later.
Pegas: ...
Joji Minami: Tekset on!
Tekkaman: I've never seen such a powerful energy source before. What kind of life form is this!? If it so much as touches Earth it'll destroy everything on it and leave the planet a dead husk! Pegas! We have to stop it!
You don't want to go in by yourself without a plan of attack. You'll never win.
Tekkaman: Huh? What are you guys doing here?
Roll: Hey Tekkaman! We're here to help you!
Zero: And it looks like we got here just in time.
Lightan: That is Pyron, a life form of unknown origin, but he possesses incredible power.
PTX-40A (Pilot): Pyron can travel between dimensions. He searches the universe for planets to invade. He must be stopped!
Tekkaman Blade: We have no choice but to stop something as evil as him if we want to save the people of the universe!
Roll: We'll be your new Space Knights! We'll back you up in this fight!
Zero: You ready to lead us?
Tekkaman: Thank you, everyone! I hereby declare all of you the new Space Knights! Your first mission is to repel the invader known as Pyron! Are you ready for your first mission!?
Yes, sir!

-Tekkaman (Tatsunoko vs. Capcom)

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