Johnny Cage (Mortal Kombat 11)
The Drooler.

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...Hey... Ungh...
Akane: Hey! Brother!
Soki: Akane? What the? And Ohatsu, and Roberto, and Tenkai too!
Ohatsu: Soki! You're alive! I'm so relieved!
Soki: Yes, nice to see you as well, Ohatsu. Tenkai, can you find the way back home from here?
Tenkai: The dimension has been rent asunder. Perhaps one of these rifts is the road from whence we came. I think... Hmmm...
Akane: These holes all look the same... What should we do, Soki?
Soki: Since we don't know which one to take, we'll just have to try them all!
~Astaroth's Castle~
Astaroth: What's that infernal racket!?
Ghoul: Master, Master! Emergency! Arthur and some others have entered the Ghoul Realm! They're headed for the castle!
Astaroth: You say Arthur is not alone?
Arthur: Ya-hah! I'm glad to have your sword by my side, but I'm sorry for dragging you into this!
Soki: No need for apologies, my friend! I live for this!
Arthur: Ha-ha-ha! You're a lad after my own heart! Once we've rescued Guinevere, I'd be honored to aid you in your fight against demons!
Akane: There it is! Astaroth's castle!
Soki: Everyone ready!

-Kaijin no Soki (Tatsunoko vs. Capcom)

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