Iron Man (Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite) says...
This is so sad, I almost feel bad for you.
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*Rumble, rumble!*
Lightan: The dimension is becoming unwarped... Reality should return to normal.
*Rumble, rumble!*
Lightan: It seems my work is done here. I will return to the world of robots. But before I go...
Lightan's defeat of Yami restored balance to the respective dimensions, and before long, things returned to the way they should be. The world's heroes rejoiced at this sight. However, Lightan was conspicuously absent from their celebration.
Lightan: (I learned something from this fight. The dimension was dangerously unbalanced, but now it seeks to put itself in order. If something like Yami should ever unbalance it again... If that should happen, how would I be able to protect those I care about? I have to find a way! I will find a way! I will get stronger!)

-Gold Lightan (Tatsunoko vs. Capcom)

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