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Ending (Go Back to Being a Normal Young Woman)
Jun the Swan: I think I'll go back to being a normal young woman. But... how do I do that?
First Meeting of the Society to Create Normal Women
Jun the Swan: Um... I called this meeting to discuss what it means to be a regular young woman.
Chun Li: And as I said, normal young women don't carry around weapons!
Roll: I object! Using weapons is what's part of being a woman. And you never know when you'll need to defend yourself.
Yatterman-2: Hear, hear! And it doesn't have to be a giant robot. A normal woman can have something like a baton, right?
Chun Li: All you need for self-defense is kung fu and a strong chi. You don't need fancy weapons...
Jun the Swan: What if you're involved with espionage activities? What's the minimum amount of weaponry needed for that?
Saki: I see what you're saying, but on my days off, I don't wear any armor or carry around any weapons!
Oh, that's just nonsense! Who'd ever think that would be okay!?
What do you know, you big airhead!?

-Jun the Swan (Tatsunoko vs. Capcom)

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