Balrog (Street Fighter 5) says...
You're chickenin' out, huh?
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Chun Li: This is it... Just like our intel said.
~Shadaloo Base~
Chun Li: I've finally found you... Shadaloo!
Shadaloo Soldier A: Block A - all clear.
Shadaloo Soldier B: Block B - all clear. I'm gonna do a perimeter check now.
Chun Li: I expected their defenses to be this good. Fortunately... I've brought all these heroes to watch my back! You guys ready for this?
Ken the Eagle: Yes, ma'am! The Science Ninja is ready and waiting. The world's most powerful fighting force is at your command!
Polymer: As long as evil exists, those who cry for justice will call my name! Hurricane Polymer will mete out justice to all evildoers!
Tekkaman: Those who would harm others will feel my wrath! Pegas, on my mark!
Yatterman-1: Wow! Everyone's hyped and raring to go! Just tell us when, Chun Li!
Chun Li: Thanks, everyone! Together we can do this! You ready to fight some bad guys!?
Chun Li: This is the beginning of your end, Shadaloo! You're all going down!

-Chun-Li (Tatsunoko vs. Capcom)

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