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Everybody has something to fight for.
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*Rumble, rumble!*
Batsu: Is everything going back to normal now?
Raizo: Good... You're awake now, Batsu. How do you feel?
Batsu: Huh... What the... Am I in a hospital? How should I be feeling? Hey! Huh...!? Is this... is this my fighting spirit!? It's like a flame! Like my body's making an aura! Dad, what's happening to me!?
Raizo: Stay calm, son. This is the strength of your spirit boiling up! Your strong desire to protect your friends has manifested itself as this flame! You're no longer just Batsu; you're Burning Batsu! You can continue to fight the good fight with your new power and your strong sense of justice!
Batsu: Okaaay... So, what am I doing in a hospital? Last thing I remember I was training on a mountain... I was practicing a certain move... Someone made me stand out of form... and then...!! Wait! I remember! That was you! You tried to throw me off the freakin' mountain! What the hell, Dad!
*Crash! Punch!*
Raizo: Why ya gettin' so upset!? You should have been able to shrug off an attack like that! Aren't you the one always asking me to spar with ya!?
Batsu: I asked you to show me some moves, not knock me into the bottom of a waterfall! Man, you are so lame!
Raizo: Yeah, but you're stronger now, aren't ya!? Stop whining about it already! I raised you to be a man, not a crybaby!
*Crash! Punch! Kick!*

-Batsu Ichimonji (Tatsunoko vs. Capcom)

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