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Special Ending
Ele: You are... different from the others... You seem to have... "heart..."
Omega: "Heart..." Do you know what it means?! I've been searching for "heart!"
Ele: "Heart..." You want it... But I don't know what to do... Listen, "heart" is not something you learn... Ahh... It must be felt!
Omega: I wonder what she meant. "Heart" is something that I must feel... Can I? I think I'm beginning to understand. But my energy is running out!
?: Look... A robot is deserted here!
?: Oh, let's play with it!
Child 1: Look! This robot is smiling, isn't it? It looks pretty happy!
Child 2: What are you talking about? Robots can't be happy! There's no way!

-Omega (Plasma Sword)

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