Guy Movelist

Guy rises with an aerial combo of successive blows.

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Super Moves
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Similar Moves
"That's MINE" (Johnny)
Johnny slashes vertically, on contact he carves and explosive J into his opponent.
Aah, this is no good. (Gin Ichimaru)
Anti-air lightsaber-esque strike. Aims diagonally down when performed in air.
Air Knee Smash (Alex)
Alex jumps up and on contact, rides his opponent to the floor with his knee.
Akuma Kicks (Akuma)
Rising kicks with shadow trail.
Amazonian Uppercut (Wonder Woman)
Upward-traveling diagonal uppercut that hits multiple times.
Amp Explosion (Cole MacGrath)
Cole holds his Amp above him, causing a small detonation from it.
Anonymity (Two) / Mumei (Ni), 無銘(弐) (Setsuna)
Rising slash.
Anti-Air Beam Bolt (Cyclops)
Anti-Air version of his Beam Bolt.
Arachnid Sting (Sinestro)
Sinestro conjures constructs shaped like four spider leg-like appendages and uppercuts the opponent with two of them.
Arc Kick (Sonya Blade)
Hand springs into a rainbow trajectory kick.
Armageddon Buster / Harmageddon Buster (Franco Bash)
In RB and RBS, Franco knocks the opponent into the air followed by a period where the player can input directions and attacks to create a followup combo. If no input is made, Franco will just flex and pose. In RBFF2, a successful first hit results in a double-armed hammerblow follow up.
Atomic Collider (Iron Tager)
Tager snatches an airborne enemy to the floor. Initial grab can be delayed to draw upon magnetism.
Atomic Knee (Fujin)
Jumping knee attack.
Augmenter Wing (Alfred)
Upwards flying chop.
Aura Soul Throw (Rose)
A more powerful Soul Throw, proceeded by some launching hits when more super meter is involved.
Backflip Kick / Flip Kick (Scorpion)
Flaming backflip attack.
Bicycle Kick (Sonya Blade)
Sonya performs an upward kicking flurry.
Blade Whip (Dragonzord)
Drill-tail anti-air.
Bo Vault (Donatello)
Donatello plants his bo on the ground to vault upward, damaging any nearby foes with his ascending body. This also brings Donatello into the air, as if he had performed a jump.
Bottle Rocket (Chun-Li)
Chun Li leaps high into the air with a high kick, then performs a flip kick at the apex of the jump.
Break Storm (Duck King)
Duck rises feet-first after a brief breakdancing flurry.
Buffalo Head (Balrog)
Balrog rises head first.
Bullet Frenzy (Harley Quinn)
Harley fires up at the opponent, and if that first shot hits, she proceeds to fire several more times.
Bushin Senpukyaku (Guy)
Guy rises with a hurricane type kick.
Cannon Spike / Thrust Kick (Cammy White)
An awkward up thrusting anti-air kick.
Captain Collider / Captain Corridor (Captain Commando)
Cap strikes the ground and a huge column of lightning extends to the roof of the stage.
Captain Storm (Captain Commando)
An autocombo involving the entire Commando team taking turns.
Cheer & Fire (B.B. Hood)
B.B. holds a molotov with flaming top out in front of herself.
'Chopper 'Chuker (Michelangelo)
Michelangelo jumps upward at a 45-degree angle with his nunchaku twirling in his hands.
Chou Kami Ashi / 超神脚 (Chan)
Rising double kick.
Chou Kami Ken / 超神拳 (Syoh)
Two-fisted uppercut.
Claw Uppercut (Riptor)
A quick upward swipe of the talon.
Climax Beat (Dee Jay)
Dee Jay starts with a flurry of massive punches with one hand, then with both, and finishes with a powerful punch.
Climb Razor (J. Talbain)
A flaming foot somersault type kick.
Con Brio (Carl Clover)
Nirvana's claws extend upward at an angle.
Confucius Slash / 気功旋風斬 (Wan Fu)
Standard uppercut move.
Costume Clash (Sackboy)
Sackboy changes into one of three costumes based on other characters (PaRappa, Nathan, or Cole) and attacks whilst traveling upward.
Crescent Moon Slash / Kogetsu Zan, 奥義 旋風裂斬 (Haohmaru)
A windmill slash, rising into the air.
Cross Shadow Blitz (Shadow)
Auto-combo ending with a knock-away Jumping Sobat.
Crow Bites (K')
K' does a spiraling leap, attacking with a flaming uppercut.
Crushing Blow (Kakuzu)
Punch, jumping air sweep punch, and another punch.
Cyberdriver (Cyrax)
Cyrax fires a burst from his chest that knocks his opponent skyward, then teleports up next to them to deliver a spine-shattering kick, followed by a piledriver.
Dancing Flash (Felicia)
She rushes her foe, and on contact gives them the business.
Darkness Illusion (Morrigan Aensland)
An autocombo where Morrigan summons a mirror image and they give her opponent a beatdown.
Demon Cradle (Demitri Maximoff)
Demitri rises with arms folded. If done while dashing, it comes out at a 45 degree angle.
Deus Ex Machina (Carl Clover)
Nirvana starts a time bomb, which triggers a large unblockable explosion. It will instantly finish off an adversary on hit. However, if it misses, Carl will be forced to fight alone for the rest of the round.
Devil Horns (Cerebella)
Sign of the horns pose.
Disposition Frog (May Lee)
Attempted launch with vertical kick. If successful, May Lee subjects the opponent to rapid energy blasts (???).
Double Dragon Upper (Bahn)
Adds another uppercut to the move.
Double Punch (Bane)
Two large, advancing punches that juggles at the end. Second punch normally only comes out if the first one hits.
Double Somersault Kick / Double Flash, Somersault Strike (Guile)
Repeated somersault kicks.
Double Sting (Gohan (Teen))
Gohan thrusts two swords directly above him.
Dragon Chain Finish / 神龍連環檄, Dragon Super Finish (Dragon)

Dragon of Heaven / 飛龍在天 (Lee)
Rising double-punch.
Dragon Upper (Bahn)
Bahn executes a Shoryuken-like uppercut.
Dragon Uppercut (Kazuya Mishima)
Leaping electric uppercut.
Drill Attack (Body)
Anti-air attack with rotating lower body.
Earth Gaddemu 2003 (Earthquake)
After landing an uppercut punch, Earthquake gleefully drills his opponent with his chain.
En Ryu Ha / 炎龍破 (Fuuma)
A rising uppercut accompanied by the image of a coiled dragon.
Escrima Fury (Nightwing)
A short, sweet escrima auto-combo, provided the first hit connects.
EWJ Punch (Earthworm Jim)
A Shoryuken-like special where Jim perform a punch to the air. Also it works as Combo Breaker
Excellebella (Cerebella)
Airborne opponents are grabbed by legs and slapped silly.
Fat Carnival (Earthquake)
Earthquake executes a super Fat Chainsaw into team-up autocombo with his minions.
Fiber Upper (Ms. Fortune)
Ms. Fortune performs a handstand kick, stretch out her limbs in the the process.
Fiber Upper / Nyantiair (Ms. Fortune)

Fin Slicer (Armaggon)
Armaggon leaps and strikes the foe with his fin and nose.
Final Cutter (Kirby)
Kirby leaps upward with a scimitar, then comes back down to strike the ground with it, creating a shockwave that moves in the direction he's facing.
Final Justice (Captain America)
Cap rushes the opponent and delivers a patriotic beating. He concludes with a full body air piledriver.
Final Justice (U.S. Agent)
U.S. Agent rushes the opponent and delivers a patriotic beating. He concludes with a full body air piledriver.
Final Symphony Remix (Kyosuke Kagami)
Kyosuke does a basic punch, if it lands he launches the enemy into the air. Hinata hurricane kicks onscreen into the opponent and Batsu uppercuts them in preparation for a final triple-team attack.
Five Sense Barrage / 五光斬 (Genjuro Kibagami)
Genjuro creates an energy card at close range. On hit, the opponent is sent to the sky to receive a series of cuts.
Flame Uppercut (Blaze)
Leaping uppercut
Flash of the Phoenix / 桐覇光翼刃 (Genjuro Kibagami)
Wide sword uppercut.
Flight Chant (Orihime Inoue)
Anti-air version of Gale Chant.
Flip Kick (Pac-Man)
Standard backflip kick attack. Heavy version causes Pac-Man to fall out of the Moku-Mecha briefly.
Flying Bat (Batgirl)
Forward-leaping uppercut.
Flying Uppercut (The Flash)
A diagonal leaping uppercut.
Forbidden Procedure: Rebirth Ex Machina (Valentine)
Valentine uses an automated external defibrillator to revive a fallen partner or hurt an adversary.
Fubuki / Blizzard (Jin Kisaragi)
Jin quickly draws his sword from his sheath and swings his sword at a 45 degree angle.
Funny Face Crusher (Frank West)
Frank leaps skyward to place a Servbot head on his foe. He then Giant Swings them and tosses them, and as they're trying to get up, runs to them and plants their face into the ground, shattering the Servbot head.
Gale Wind Headbutt (Shinji)
Vertical leaping headbutt.
Gamma Charge (Anti-Air) (Hulk)
Hulk leaps up and slightly forward for a gamma-powered headbutt. After a hit, any direction + @term=anykick@ can redirect the charge for a second hit.
Gazan (Hollow Ichigo)
Leaping upward sword slash followed by a falling downward slash.
Gazan (Ichigo Kurosaki)
Leaping upward sword slash followed by a falling downward slash.
Gekirou (Gen)
With precise timing, Gen performs successive rising kicks.
Geyser Kick (Rain)
Rain shoots straight up with a kick.
Geyser Knee (Khai)
Leaping knee strike
Giga Burn (Victor von Gerdenheim)
Victor executes a very anti-air knee attack.
Glacial Dagger (Mai)
Spike of ice rising from the ground.
Gloomy Puppet Show (Lilith)
Lilith tosses a top hat at her foe, if it contacts them, the player is treated to a comical rhythm game at their expense.
Gold Crash / Silver Crash (Silver Lightan) (Gold Lightan)
Lightan performs the Gold/Silver Stomp, knocking the foe into the air. He then catches them and pulls out their soul (or in the case of robotic enemies, their mechanical "heart"), and crushes it in his hand. Upon this action, the opponent drops from the sky.
Gold Kick / Silver Kick (Silver Lightan) (Gold Lightan)
Lightan performs a lunging kick (which will likely only hit airborne foes). Upon contact, Lightan leaps into the air and crashes back down on the opponent with a stomp/elbow drop.
Gold Slash (Goldar)
High-leaping sword Shoryuken.
Gotcha! (Kanji Tatsumi)
Kanji sends Take-Mikazuchi leaping in the air to catch an airborne opponent. If caught, Take-Mikazuchi will electrocute the opponent, and crush him/her with a body press.
Gou Shoryuken (Oni)
Oni's spinning uppercut, hits three times up close.
Gou Shoryuken / 豪昇龍拳 (Akuma)
Akuma's variant of the original. Hits three times.
Great Fighting Jump (Norimaro)
Awkward jump that serves as an anti-air.
Groovy Uppercut (Viewtiful Joe)
Anti-air uppercut with a wide hitbox due to Joe's massive dome.
Guts Dunk (Franco Bash)
Big rising kick followed by a geyser slam.
Hado Shoryuken (Ryu)
Higher-launching Shoryuken with Hado energy around the fist.
Haten / 破天 (Fritz)
Upward katana slash
Hazan Tenshokyaku / Super Heaven Rising Kick (Chun-Li)
Chun Li rises with many spinning kicks.
Heads Up (Harley Quinn)
Quick anti-air gunshot.
Heel Kick (Red Ranger)
Standard flipkick.
Hiyoku Getsume / Moonsong (Jin Kisaragi)
Jin shoots an ice arrow at 35% angle, which will freeze on hit.
Hyper Spray (Biollante)
Biollante sends out two vines. If either strikes the opponent, they will spray the opponent with sap. Then, Biollante fires a barrage of sap bullets.
Hyper Stars and Stripes (U.S. Agent)
Three successive stars and stripes.
Ichiban! / イチバン! (Dotoh-maru)
Rising handstand kick.
Inferno Divider (Ragna the Bloodedge)
Ragna leaps in the air, performing an uppercut-like swing with his sword. D version launches him higher and drains life on hit or block.
Inferno Uppercut (Heavyweight)
Flaming dragon punch.
Jackknife Maximum (Dee Jay)

Jetpack Jump (Sackboy)
Sackboy straps on a jetpack and rockets upward.
Johnny Uppercut / Sliding Uppercut (Johnny Cage)
Johnny performs the splits, then quickly rises with a shadow-trailed uppercut.
Joker Trick (Johnny)
Johnny tosses a card which renders his opponent as the "Joker" playing card. He promptly slashes them in two.
Jumping Knee Kick (Rukia Kuchiki)
Leaping knee strike.
Jumping Stud (Leonardo)
Leonardo performs a leaping, spinning upward thrust with his katana.
Kanzuki-ryu Ko-ou Ken (Karin Kanzuki)
Karin rises with rotating Ressenhas.
Katana Liftoff (Leonardo)
Leonardo leaps into the air while spinning, with his arms out at his sides, katana in hand.
Key of Victory (May Lee)
An initial single strike leading to May Lee and a double executing an aerial "DOUBLE KICK!" followed by Kamen Rider pose. A reference to the Rider Double Kick used by Kamen Rider 1 & 2.
Knee Crush (Cyber Shredder)
Cyber Shredder leaps into the air with a knee strike, his knee surrounded by some sort of aura.
Knee K.O. (T.J. Combo)
A very anti air knee attack.
Knee Whip (Pink Ranger)
Leaping knee strike followed by a backflip kick.
Knife Swipe / Blade Slice (Kano)
Kano draws a blade and slashes it at an upward angle.
Koh Ryu Ha / 光龍破 (Hanzou)
A flying uppercut, the image of a dragon coils around Hanzou's body.
Koho / Built Upper (AOF1), 虎砲 (Mr. Karate)

Koryuken (Dan Hibiki)
Dan's rising uppercut. In some games, the koryuken will randomly/semi-randomly be "shiny" and have increased invincibility properties.
Koryuurekka (Dan Hibiki)
Repeated Koryukens
Kyou Chou Jin / 凶鳥刃 (Grant)
Palm dragon punch. @term=3punch@ version goes very high and is automatically followed up with a ground pound, or can also be followed up with Messhou Hisetsu.
Leaping Shoulder Tackle (Cole MacGrath)
Cole lifts out of his dash for a jumping body check.
Loyalty Test for Liberalists (Angel)
Dashing autocombo.
Loyalty Test for Liberalists (SDM) (Angel)
Autocombo ending with a big homerun launch.
Luminous Illusion (Lilith)
Standard fare auto combo.
M.D.C. (Madou Diving Claw) / 魔道ダイビングクロー (Gen-an Shiranui)
Gen-an charges forward recklessly in an attempt to drill the guts out of his opponent.
Mach Speed (Viewtiful Joe)
Joe speeds up time for himself, catching on fire while rapidly bashing the opponent. The final hit launches the foe into the air.
Marine Escalation (War Machine)
Strange upward kick from the air.
May Lee Dynamic (May Lee)
An aerial rush to autocombo very similar to Kim Kaphwan's famous super.
May The End (May Lee)
If May Lee connects with an initial punch, she theatrically somersaults backwards and jumpkicks the opponent, ending with Kamen Rider pose and explosion.
Mech Gou Shoryuken (Cyber Akuma)
Multi-hit Shoryuken with some special properties. @term=1punch@ version does up to three hits, @term=2punch@ version does either up to eight hits, or does three hits and launches higher plus dizzies (seemingly random), and @term=3punch@ version burns and does up to 10 hits.
Mega Beam (Megazord)
Diagonal upward electric blast.
Mega Upper / Mega Uppercut (Megaman)
MegaMan performs a Dragon Punch-like uppercut.
Messatsu-Gotenha (Oni)
A Meido Gohadou shot straight up.
Midnight Bliss (Demitri Maximoff)
If Demitri contacts his foe, he transforms them into something more "appealing" before draining their blood and setting them ablaze.
Midnight Pleasure / Midnight Pressure (Demitri Maximoff)
If Demitri contacts his foe, he bites them repeatedly before kicking them away.
Moonsault Kick (Gaoluon)
Backflip kick
Napalm Pillar (Parasoul)
A pillar of flame bursts upward around Parasoul
Ningen Hakubou / 人間迫砲 (Akatsuki)
Akatsuki leaps up with his fist in the air.
Nivose (Ash Crimson)
Ash performs a flaming somersault kick.
Omega Knee (Darkseid)
Leaping knee attack
Otoko Michi (Dan Hibiki)
Dan grasps the enemy and explodes, dealing great damage to them both.
Oyasumi Konchiwako Geki / おやすみこんちわこーげき (Grimm)
Flash kick.
Plasmaslice (Fulgore)
Fulgore's Dragon Punch
Please Help Me (Felicia)
Felicia summons her friends, and they beat the snot out of her opponent.
Power Fist (Cyborg)
Uppercut with a large arm for increased range.
Power Gradation (Charlotte Christine Colde)
Charlotte leaps up with a slash of energy from her blade
Psi-Blade Spin (Psylocke)
Psylocke leaps with a spinning pirouette kick, surrounded by psychic energy.
Quick Attack (Combusken)
Anti-air rush attack.
Rainbow Rise (Annie Hamilton)
Annie flies upward, her arm enveloped in color and light.
Red Banded Snake (Orochimaru)
Upward snake group strike, followed by firing the snakes off into a ball.
Redemption (Batgirl)
Rush into a short auto-combo with knockdown.
Redirect Rocket (Cole MacGrath)
Cole fires a ball of electricity upward, which continues to slowly drift in that direction, damaging enemies on contact. If an opponent is hit by Lightning Bolts while the Redirect Rocket is still in play, the Rocket immediately makes a beeline for that enemy.
Rehhyou / Violent Ice (Jin Kisaragi)
With a quick draw of the sword, Jin swings his sword upward at 90 degrees. Cannot be air-blocked.
Rising Dragon (Allen Snyder)
A leaping vertical uppercut.
Rising Emperor / Uplifting Knee, Upward Shoulder (Shao Kahn)
Kahn leaps into the air to strike with his knee.
Rising Fist (Sindel)
Rising Jaguar (Adon)
One or two rising knee strikes.
Rising Pole (Jade)
Shoryuken with a staff.
Rising Pole (Jade)
Shoryuken with a staff.
Rising Repeating Punch (Rogue)
A rush of punches upwards. If done in the air, Rogue rushes downwards instead.
Rising Tackle / ライジングタックル (Terry Bogard)
Terry rises upside down with arms outstretched.
Rising Thunder (Michelangelo)
Mikey leaps upward whilst spinning a pair of nunchaku.
Rising Tomahawk / Axe Swing (Nightwolf)
Nightwolf performs an upward swipe with a glowing tomahawk.
Rising Uppercut / Gene Splice (Cyclops)
Cyclops performs a leaping Shoryuken-type uppercut. Mashing Punch will chain additional hits. At the end of the move, Cyclops fires a small burst of energy from his eyes, upward.
Rocket Tackle (Brian Battler)
Anti-air shoulder attack.
Rolling Cannon (Keith Wayne)
Vaulting handspring kick.
Roto Bo (Donatello)
Donatello leaps into the air, spinning his bo.
Roto Cutter (Leonardo)
Leonardo leaps into the air and performs a somersault with his katana extent.
Ryoku Ranbu (SDM) / Furious Fandango (Ryo Sakazaki)
Ryo's signature super, he dashes at his opponent and delivers a multihit beatdown with a Koho finish.
Ryuko Ranbu / 龍虎乱舞, Furious Fandango (Robert Garcia)
Charging autocombo ending with Built Upper.
Ryuko Ranbu / Furious Fandango, 龍虎乱舞 (Ryo Sakazaki)
Ryo's signature super, he dashes at his opponent and delivers a multihit beatdown with a Koho finish.
Ryuuga / 龙牙, Built Upper (AOF1), Dragon Fang (Robert Garcia)
Shoryuken ripoff.
Ryuusei Da / 流星打 (Ranmaru)
Elbow uppercut with prominent thong.
Sai Fury (Raphael)
Raphael slides forward, holding both of his sai overhead. If he connects with this, he proceeds to thrash the opponent with a series of sai strikes and kicks, culminating in a more powerful Spark Plug.
Saki Combination (Oroku Saki)
Saki performs a kick. If this strikes the opponent, he goes into a mini auto-combo.
Sakizakura Ken / Shoryuken, Shouoken (Sakura Kasugano)
A running start with a Shoryuken finish.
Sammamish (Chief Thunder)
Thunder rises with his mohawk ablaze.
Scatter Bomb (Nightwing)
Shortrange anti-air projectile
Schwarze Lanze / Black Lance (Kain R. Heinlein)
Kain flash kicks, then throws a flame projectile downwards.
Scramble Gou Punch (Cyber Akuma)
Triple advancing Mech Gou Shoryuken with burning.
Screw Attack (Samus)
Samus curls into a ball and initiates a spinning jump.
Second Head Shoen (Genryusai Shigekuni Yamamoto)
Yamamoto swipes his sword upward, creating a rising fire trail.
Shadow Blade (Morrigan Aensland)
Stereotypical dragon punch simile.
Shadow Dance Dream Pull / 影舞い・夢彈(ゆめびき) (Basara)
A hop back then a leap forward. If unblocked Basara performs an elaborate combo ending with a grab; he ends with a wide slash in Kagaribi's memory.
Shadow Dance Payback / 影舞い・酬(むくい) (Basara)
A hop back and a leap forward. If unblocked, Basara performs an invisible autocombo while his lover's ghost flits about. He ends with a wicked uppercut slash.
Shadow Exit / 影出 (Basara)
After entering his shadow, Basara reappears at the enemy's location with an uppercut slash.
Shadow Justice (Shadow)
Somersault Shells, all the way across the screen! What does it mean!?
Shadow Servant (Morrigan Aensland)
Successive "columns" of Morrigan rise in front of her.
Shadow Shred (Oroku Saki)
Saki punches at the opponent. If the punch connects, he transitions into a leaping dash kick with shadow trails.
Shadow Shred (Shredder)
Shredder punches at the opponent. If the punch connects, he transitions into a leaping dash kick with shadow trails.
Shadow Upknee (Noob Saibot)
Noob's shadow double appears for a diagonal-upward kick attack.
Shadow Uppercut / Rising Shadow, Rising Star (Johnny Cage)
Johnny leaps up with an uppercut while a trail of green shadows follows him.
Shienkyaku / Flame Igniting Kick, 熾炎脚 (Fei Long)
A rising fire spin kick.
Shining Blade (Lilith)
Morrigan's Shadow Blade with the other wing.
Shinku Jumping Knee Kick (Tatsuki Arisawa)
Leaping knee strike.
Shisso Buraiken (Dan Hibiki)
A cinematic autocombo with a thumbs up finish.
Sho Ryu Dan / 昇龍弾, Rising Dragon Punch (Andy Bogard)
Andy's rather unorthodox dragon punch type move.
Sho Ten Sai / 通天砕 (Mizoguchi)
Improved version of Mizoguchi's normal anti-air elbow. If landed from point-blank range he'll bring the opponent skyward and punch repeatedly.
Shooting Star (Rick Strowd)
Quick rush forward followed by autocombo on hit. C version launches opponent into the air, but incorporates an uppercut to become Shooting Star EX with S Power or P Power.
Shoryuken (Toro)
Toro's version of the popular rising dragon fist. EX version is a mini-Shin Shoryuken.
Shoryuken / Dragon Punch, 昇龍拳 (Ken Masters)
Ansatsuken's trademark leaping uppercut. Ken's fierce Shoryukens first caught fire in Super SF2.
Shoryuken / Dragon Punch, 昇龍拳 (Ryu)
A leaping one-armed uppercut.
Shououken (Sunburned Sakura)
A dash that ends with a multi-hit Dragon Punch. When performed in the air it turns into an air dash that eats projectiles.
Shout of Earth (Blanka)
Blanka slams the ground twice with his electrically-charged hands, discharging electricity all over the floor. The anti-air version has him raise his hands and act like a lightning rod as lightning hits him and his opponent, damaging the latter.
Shredder Combination (Shredder)
Shredder performs a kick. If this strikes the opponent, he goes into a mini auto-combo.
Siberian Blizzard (Mecha Zangief)
Vertically ascending Double Lariat.
Siberian Blizzard (Zangief)
Vertically ascending Double Lariat.
Skewer (Leonardo)
Leonardo performs a roll in the air toward his opponent. If this move connects, he performs a Rising Stud that knocks the opponent high in the air and off the top of the screen. He raises one of his katana and faces the screen, and the opponent comes back down, the katana impaling him or her in the back.
Sky Alert (Green Arrow)
Fires two arrows straight up.
Sky Charge (Sun Ce)

Sky Sweeper (Huang Gai)

Sky Uppercut (Blaziken)
Basic Shoryuken.
Sky Uppercut (Combusken)
Combusken rushes with his claws skimming the ground, then ends with a Shoryuken.
Sloppy Tongue (Venom)
Anti-air tongue strike.
Slow & Zoom In (Viewtiful Joe)
Joe kicks at the opponent. If this connects, the camera zooms in on Joe and the foe. The mask on Joe's helmet slides into place, and the opponent proceeds to attempt an attack, which comes out in slow motion. Joe dodges slowly, moving behind his enemy. Whilst behind them, Joe performs a short kick, followed by an uppercut that rockets the opponent into the air. Joe leaps into the air and performs an extravagant pose next to the opponent, damaging them with the accompanying flash.
Smokeycut / Teleport Uppercut (Noob-Smoke)
Smoke teleports behind and slightly below the opponent and delivers a devastating uppercut.
Smokeycut / Teleport Uppercut (Smoke (Cyborg))
Smoke disappears beneath the ground and reappears with a rising uppercut.
Soaring Eagle (Gan Ning)

Sol Nascente (Giovanna)
Giovanna attacks as she leaps directly up.
Somersault Kick (She-Hulk)
Backflipping strike.
Somersault Kick / Flash Kick (Guile)
Guile somersault kicks high into the air.
Somersault Shell (Charlie Nash)
A backward front flipping somersault kick.
Somersault Shell (Shadow)
A backward front flipping somersault kick, fires off a projectile wave upward at an angle.
Spark Plug (Raphael)
With a sai in each hand, Raphael leaps upward at a 45-degree angle. spinning his arms.
Sparrow Hunt / 雀落とし, Suzume Otoshi (Billy Kane)
Billy extends his pole upwards.
Spider Sting (Spider-Man (Super Armor))
Spidey's Shoryuken attack.
Spider Sting (Spider-Man)
Spidey's Shoryuken attack.
Spin Blade (Gohan (Teen))
Gohan leaps in air and slashes upward. He then rolls in forward, blade extended and slashes his foe like a buzzsaw.
Spin Blade (Trunks)
Trunks leaps in air and slashes upward. He then rolls in forward, blade extended and slashes his foe like a buzzsaw.
Spinning Slash (Syu Wang)
Defence feat for the upper part of the body. A draw back: the axe swinging upward has dragging force that will slow down the action. Use it at the right moment.
Spinning Uppercut (Aska)
Aska performs a leaping, spinning uppercut with her kunai.
Spiral Shot (Body)
Upwards angled fist attack.
Splendor Love (Lilith)
Lilith rises naked in a maelstrom of bats.
Stars and Stripes (Captain America)
Standard fare anti-air
Stepladder (Foot Ninja)
The Foot Ninja thrusts his knee out. If this connects on a foe, he will leap off of them with a kick, becoming airborne as if he had jumped, whilst simultaneously damaging him or her with the kick.
Super Cross Chop (Watts)
Ascending cross chop.
Super Jump Punch (Mario)
Attack opponents while jumping or leap to get back to the stage. Coins erupt from the attack upon contact.
Super Nova (Joe)
Upward angle leaping attack.
Super Uppercut (Drahmin)
Drahmin's non-spinning Shoryuken clone.
Supreme Evil Plan (Doronjo)
As usual, Doronjo's "supreme" evil plan involves something backfiring horribly. She kneels on the ground and raises her arms in distress, ready to receive her "punishment" for failing (as happens often in the Yatterman anime). A palm tree with a pig will pop up and then explode in front of her. If it hits the opponent, Doronjo will pedal away with her minions on their trademark tandem bike while the opponent is juggled on explosions behind them. Finally the explosions catch up to the villainous trio and they are blown away with their clothes ripped and a skull-shaped mushroom cloud forming in the background. If it misses, Doronjo is blown into a knockdown.
Sword of Darkness (Evil Green Ranger)
Pulls out a scimitar and swipes while leaping.
Taking out the Trash (She-Hulk)
Snatches the enemy up, swings them around and tosses them away.
Tenshokyaku / 天昇脚 (Chun-Li)
A quick rising spin kick.
Tesla Storm (Ryken)
Cybernetic electric anti-air punch.
Thunder Lance (Blue Ranger)
Leaps with his lance and strikes.
Tiger Fury (Jago)
Anti-air dragon punch wanna be.
Tiger Uppercut / Tiger Blow (Sagat)
An anti-air uppercut, unique in that it hits many times in most games.
Toad Flame Bombs (Jiraiya)
Jiraiya spits a stream of flame at an upward angle, and the toads spit large fireballs.
Tomahawk Buster (T. Hawk)
Rising attack at a 45 degree angle, "wings" spread.
Tornado Claw (Wolverine)
Wolverine leaps into the air with a vertical spinning claw strike. Extra hits can be tacked on by mashing Punch.
Trichobezoar (Filia)
Samson's mouth gapes open and coughs out a hairball with teeth, skulls, and horns.
Ue Denki Dama / 上電気玉 (Schmeiser)
Electrical uppercut.
Ultimate Grand Champion Jump (Norimaro)
Multi-hit high jump.
Ultra Variety Private Memories (Norimaro)
Norimaro rushes forward to beat the opponent. During the combo, he flashes through various memories of his life, including cosplaying as Mega Man, being bit on the ass by a dog, and singing karaoke. The hacked Norimaro in the Western versions only does 19 hits while the Japanese version does 21, as two frames showing Norimaro in a pink bathtub were removed.
United by Fate (Batsu Ichimonji)
Batsu reels back and then hits the opponent with a swinging punch to stun them. Afterwards he calls in his partner and does a special team-up attack with them. Batsu will perform a Double Zenkai Guts Bullet, Double Zenkai Guts Upper or Double Super Shooting Star Kick depending on who his partner is. If the partner is defeated, he will do a Vengeful Double Super Guts Bullet with their ghost at almost double the power.
Up Haven Blast (Green Arrow)
Fires an explosive arrow up at an angle.
Up Shield (Wonder Woman)
Anti-air shield fling.
Up Sonic Disruptor (Cyborg)
Cyborg fires a sonic wave straight up. Delayable, and can be canceled into the standard Sonic Disruptor if @term=down@@term=down@ is pressed during delay.
Up Tiara (Wonder Woman)
Anti-air projectile.
Up Whip (Catwoman)
Anti-air whip snap.
Updo (Filia)
Samson launches Filia upward and drives back down.
Uprise (Kitana)
Shoryuken with a fan.
Upward Venom (Doomsday)
Leaping knee strike.
Venom Uppercut (Bane)
Leaping uppercut.
Vertical Cannonball (Jarek)
Jarek performs a diagonally vertical cannonball attack.
Vertical Cannonball / Up Ball, Kano Up Ball (Kano)
Kano performs a diagonally vertical cannonball attack.
Vertical Roll / Vertical Rolling (Blanka)
Blanka rolls up into the air at an angle.
Water Tongue Battle Slash (Jiraiya)
Fukusaku spits a steady stream of water at a slight upward angle.
Wave Kick / 浪淘沙 (Yun)
Short range flip kick into anti-air kick.
Weapon X (Wolverine)

Wild Hunger Wallop / 迷兇死衰・凶飢, MeiKyoShisui Kyoki (Shikyoh)
Dashes forward and on hit performs a series of slashes causing a giant kanji to appear (the kanji indicates "evil/ruin/misfortune," that sort of thing).
Yoga Blast (Dhalsim)
A briefly sustained burst of fire up at an angle.
Zeno Blade (Zeno)
Anti air kick.
Zombie Charge (Frank West)
Frank tries to put a Servbot mask on his opponent. If the move connects, he will ram them through a horde of zombies before slamming their face into the ground.

Against the two "giant" characters, a zombie will drop down from the top of the screen instead, and if it connects, the scene will change to a POV from the foe's perspective, with more zombies obscuring his vision. Once the zombies have been tossed aside, he will look down and see a bunch of oxygen tanks piled near him, and Frank with a rifle. The view changes to an over-the-shoulder of Frank shooting the tanks and causing a huge explosion.

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