Demitri Maximoff Movelist

Demitri rises with arms folded. If done while dashing, it comes out at a 45 degree angle.

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Special Moves
[Guard Cancel] Darkstalkers +
[Guard Cancel] Night Warriors +
[Guard Cancel] Vampire Savior +
[Guard Cancel] Vampire Hunter 2 +
[Guard Cancel] Vampire Savior 2 +
[Guard Cancel] Capcom Fighting Evolution +
Similar Moves
Crow Bites (K')
K' does a spiraling leap, attacking with a flaming uppercut.
EWJ Punch (Earthworm Jim)
A Shoryuken-like special where Jim perform a punch to the air. Also it works as Combo Breaker
Fiber Upper (Ms. Fortune)
Ms. Fortune performs a handstand kick, stretch out her limbs in the the process.
Inferno Divider (Ragna the Bloodedge)
Ragna leaps in the air, performing an uppercut-like swing with his sword. D version launches him higher and drains life on hit or block.
Ningen Hakubou / 人間迫砲 (Akatsuki)
Akatsuki leaps up with his fist in the air.
Nivose (Ash Crimson)
Ash performs a flaming somersault kick.
Updo (Filia)
Samson launches Filia upward and drives back down.

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