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Special Moves
DragonBall Z: Super Butōden 2 [Preview]
Similar Moves
Solar Flare (Amaterasu Okami)

Solar Flare (Cell (first form))
Cell brings his hands to either side of his face and blinds the enemy with a flash of light.
Solar Flare (Cell)
A powerful flash of light; opponents are briefly dazzled
Solar Flare (Cell)

Solar Flare (Krillin)
Krillin blinds his foe with a flash of light
Solar Flare / Low Solar Flare, Air Solar Flare (Liu Kang)
Blinding sun-powered fireball.
Solar Flare / Taiyoken, Taiyōken, 太陽拳 (Goku)
Placing his hands at his face, Goku emits a growing field of energy around him. Foes that come in contact with this field will be momentarily stunned.

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