A dive kick that turns into multiple if it hits.


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Special Moves
Injustice (in air)

Similar Moves
5-Star Kick (Sareena)
Sareena slides forward and reaches out with her leg, proceeding to kick the foe five times if she connects.
Air Drop (Sonya Blade)
Sonya drops in for a diagonal dive kick.
Amazonian Smash (Wonder Woman)
Fist dive.
Axe-Breaking Kick / 破斧沉舟 (Lee)
Downward dive kick at 45 degree angle.
Bat Drop (Batman)
Batman leaps up and comes back down for a kick.
Belial Edge (Ragna the Bloodedge)
Ragna does a diving attack with his sword
Bicycle Kick (Sonya Blade)
Sonya performs an upward kicking flurry.
Bicycle Kick / Bike Kicks (Shujinko)
Shujinko launches forward through the air, pedaling his feet to strike the foe.
Bicycle Kick / Flying Bicycle Kick (Liu Kang)
Liu launches forward through the air, pedaling his feet to strike the foe.
Boot Stomp (Black Adam)
A foot dive that goes either straight down or at an angle, depending on which version is used.
Breaker Punch (Sun Ce)

Burial Game (Kabuto Yakushi)
Diagonal dive kick.
Chrome Kick (Chrome Dome)
Chrome Dome dives toward his opponent with a kick.
Cleaver Drop (Syu Wang)

Condor Dive (T. Hawk)
Angled downwards dive attack.
Cool Down (Cyber Sub-Zero)
Sub-Zero starts out with his Divekick, then bashes the opponent in the back of the skull with an Ice Bomb. He then conjures up his Kori Blade and stabs them in the back with it, ending with a flip to the ground.
Dark Destroyer (Amakusa Shiro Tokisada)
Amakusa is engulfed in a ball of fire and he shoots down, straight for the opponent.
Dive (Blade)
Shadow trail dive kick with knifes popping out of the boots at the last second.
Dive Kick (Batgirl)
Batgirl detonates a smoke bomb and travels downward at an angle.
Dive Kick (Cyber Sub-Zero)
Drop from the sky with a nasty kick.
Dive Kick (Ermac)
Ermac dives from the air diagonally to deliver a kick.
Dive Kick (King Ghidorah)
Ghidorah leaps into the air and comes back down at an angle in an effort to smash in the foe's head.
Drill Butt (Dhalsim)
Dhalsim descends from the air head-first, in a straight line at a shallow angle.
Drill Kick (Dhalsim)
Dhalsim descends from the air feet-first at a 45 degree angle; although from ST onwards angle is selectable by kick strength.
Drop Drill Attack (Body)
Air-to-ground drill attack.
Eagle Claw (Daphne)
Daphne ascends with a flaming bird pattern behind her and drops down with a knee press.
Excalibur (Strider Hiryu)
Strider slices while traveling at an angle determined by attack strength, up/down determined by punch/kick.
Falling Cutter (Yamato)
Yamato drops straight down from the air and slashes with two kunai.
Feesa (Rin Oyama)
Rin unleashes a barrage of lightning-fast kicks. (Changed Stance) Rin performs a diagonally upward moving kick
Flip Kick (Nightwing)
Nightwing leaps high up to the top of the screen and comes back down with a heel drop.
Flying Ground Smash (Superman)
Diving double-fisted punch attack.
Fokker (Alfred)
Inertia-cancelling knee drop.
Fury Kick (Combusken)
Hits up to 10 times.
Geneikyaku / 幻影脚, The Great Spirit Kick (Robert Garcia)
Robert kicks rapidly, if he strikes, he kicks a lot more before knocking his opponent away.
Gigantic Press (Android 16)
Android 16, while in mid-air, falls straight down with a body press.
Grasshopper (Hotaru)
Sideways bicycle kick.
Great Tombstone / Holy Gravestone (Anakaris)
Anakaris' lower half becomes an inverted pyramid and he flies down or diagonally down to attack.
Halo Stomp / Bukukyaku, 舞空脚 (Gohan)

Head Crush (Wolvan)
Wolvan dives for the opponents' head to issue claw swipes.
Heavenward Stomp (Hawkgirl)
An incredibly shallow dive kick.
Heel Drop Kick / 踵落脚 (Fei-lin)
Downwards diagonal stomp with rebound.
Hero's Stomp (Arvid)
Arvid takes a cannonball leap into the air, then comes back down with a dive stomp.
HIEN Fist / 飛燕拳 (Ryoko)
Any attack after a triangle jump becomes a downwards flying cross chop.
Hien Ryuujin Kyaku / 飛燕龍神脚, Great Dragon Kick, Flying Dragon God Kick (Robert Garcia)

Hip Attack (Pac-Man)
Spins around and drops straight down to attack with the Moku-mecha's butt.
Hishou Kyaku / 飛翔脚, Flying Kick (Kim Kaphwan)
Kim dives down to stomp on his opponent.
Houyokusen / 鳳翼扇 (Chun-Li)
Chun Li performs lightning legs with alternating feet, then a launching kick.
Hover Dive (Superman)
Superman descends with a diagonal punch.
Hoyokusen (Chun-Li Ranger)
More powerful Lightning Kick with fancy camera angles and Tenku Hasha Kyaku ender.
Hyakugouka (Chun-Li Ranger)
Longer Lightning Kick with leg swap halfway, then finish with a double-hand palm strike.
Hyakuretsukyaku (Chun-Li Ranger)
Lightning kick.
Illusion Kick (Zeno)
Rapid kicks.
Infinity Leg (Shadow Lady)
A rapid series of blurred kicks.
Itlum Kcik (Zatanna)
Zatanna kicks twice, then turns and kicks a third time.
Izuna Slash / イヅナ斬り (Hanzou)
Drops straight down, brandishing his ninjato.
Jack Knife Tackle (Minotaur)
Minotaur leaps up and comes back down with a body splash.
Jump Dash Kick (K. Garcia)
A vertical leap followed by a super-charged jumpkick at an angle.
Kaioken (kick) (Goku)
Goku powers up for a moment, then hops around the screen performing slow dive kicks. Strangely hard to avoid and has massive priority.
Kawara Wari / 瓦割リ (Akatsuki)

Kick From Above / Teleport Kick, Teleport Drop, Tele-Kick, Tele-Drop (Mileena)
Mileena descends through the stage's floor and reappears in the air to deliver a nasty jump kick.
Knee Dive (Thanos)
Knee drop at a steep angle.
Knee Drop (Frank West)
A straight vertical drop to strike with the knees.
Knee Drop (Krillin)
Krillin drops down on his foe, landing on them with his knee.
Knight Hand (Batman)
Batman leaps up and comes back down with a knife hand.
Koga (Gen)
Gen leaps from wall to wall while delivering dive kicks.
Kyukohka Kakato Otoshi (Silber)
Silber leaps up and comes down with an overhead kick.
Machine Gun Shooter (Broly)
Kick auto-combo.
Mayday Mayday (Alfred)
Alfred goes into a nosedive. Pressing @term=bbtn@ again, he flies forward and attacks.
Mech Tenma Kujin Kyaku (Cyber Akuma)
Dive kick with burning properties.
Mega Kick (Combusken)
Combusken leaps into the air and dives down with a kick.
Megaton Drop (Majin Buu)
Majin Buu teleports above his foe and drops down, crushing him/her under his weight.
Messhou Hisetsu / 滅焼飛刹 (Grant)
Dive kick.
Mongolian Thunder Tiger / 蒙虎雷臀, Mongolian Press (J. Carn)
Drop straight down, indian-style.
Multiple Kicks / Chain Kick (Jang Fei)
Multiple kicks the make use of the body weight plus energy concentrated on both legs. Similar to Multiple Palms.
Nazetauchen / ナーゼタウヘン (Mycale)

Neko Kick (Wolvan)
Rapid backwards kicks.
Petrification (Shuma-Gorath)
Turns himself to stone and drops straight down.
Power Dive (Wingnut)
Wingnut clamps on a pair of metal prosthetic wings and dives down at his foe at an angle.
Pretty Kick (Kitana)
Turning kick attack.
Qigong Kick / 気功蹴, Psychic Kick (Ryofu)
A descending combo of kick and spearhead in one blow. Executed from the ground in 2J but the air in Perfect.
Raijin Ashi / 雷神脚 (Ranmaru)
Hovering rapid kicks. Air version doesn't affect trajectory in any way.
Ranzaki mi On no Okunote / 蘭崎魅怨の奥の手 (Sonozaki Mion)
Spinning diving drop kick.
Rocket Knee Press (War Machine)
War Machine uses his rocket boots to quickly descend on the foe and apply knees to their face.
Savage Combo (Android 17)

Savage Combo (Android 18)

Scissor Slice / 斬肉大鋏, ZanNiku Obasami (Shikyoh)
Pause in the air, then dive at a shallow angle with blades extended.
Shark Kick (Captain Kidd)
Pause briefly, then dive down with energy kick.
Shock Stall (Alfred)
Alfred dives forward, transitioning into a ninja-like series of slashes.
Slashdown Kick (Goku)
Energy-foot dive kick.
Stone (Kirby)
Kirby turns into a stone block, leaving him imprevious to damage for a short time. Using it in the air causes Kirby to drop straight down quickly, causing damage to underlying foes. In Melee and Brawl, he can turn into additional shapes, including a spiked ball, 100-ton weight, Thwomp (from Super Mario Bros.), or a garbage block from Panel de Pon. In Brawl, performing it on the ground pushes immediate nearby foes away a bit.
Surfing The Fire (Nitro)
Downward dive on a fire board.
Swimming Headbutt (Armaggon)
Armaggon slowly moves downward at an angle toward his opponent, moving as if he were swimming through the air. Coming into contact with Armaggon's head is damaging to the foe.
Talon Dive (X-23)
While airborne, X-23 dives straight down with her claws extended.
Tathāgata (Hiruko)
Diagonal rolling dive
Tenma Kujinkyaku / Sky Demon Blade Kick (Akuma)
Akuma performs a fast diving kick attack.
Tenma Kuujin Kyaku / 天魔空刃脚 (Ryu)
Diving kick.
Tiger Crasher (Yellow Ranger)
Dive from the air to strike with crossed sai.
Too slow! (Soifon)
Duplicate-spawning dive kick.
Torpedo Kick / Air Dive Kick, Dive Kick (Kung Lao)
Lao dives down from above with a devastating kick.
Trick Shoot (Videl)
Videl drops down with both knees.
Turbo Bike Kick (Liu Kang)
A faster Bicycle Kick with a red shadow trail.
Twisty Kick (Darrius)
Triple spin-kick
Venom From Above (Khameleon)
Khameleon descends through the stage's floor and reappears in the air to deliver a nasty jump kick.
Wasp Sting (Lord Raptor)
Glides downward while spinning with vicious hooks exposed. Lower kick strength = steeper descent.
Whirlwind Kicks (Kung Lao)
Turning air kick attack.
Wind Kick (Fujin)
Diving kick attack from the sky.

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