Scorpion Movelist

Scorpion surrounds himself in flames for a short time, causing small amounts of unblockable damage to the opponent upon touch. If the move is activated right next to the opponent, they are burned and stunned.

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Similar Moves
Bone Duster (Reapermon)
Reapermon starts a fire directly in front of him. Highly damaging, burns, and has a high chance of dizzying.
Burning Tornado (Reapermon)
Reapermon spins a flaming funnel around himself, drawing in nearby foes. Burns, and if the opponent is not already dizzy, has an almost 100% chance of making them dizzy.
Chaos Flare (Demitri Maximoff)
Demitri fires a burst at his foe. In Darkstalkers and Night Warriors it's a simple fireball that burns and knocks down the opponent, and becomes a large demonic head when ES'd. From Vampire Savior onwards the projectile contains a bat that briefly bites and stuns the opponent (longer stun with ES).
Demon Fire / Summon Hellfire, Hell Fire (Scorpion)
Raising his hands, Scorpion summons the flames of Hell from the ground in the opponent's position.
Electric Arrow (Green Arrow)
Tips the next two shots from Green Arrow's Take Aim with electric arrows that damage more than standard arrows and cause momentary stagger.
Hammer Toss (Shao Kahn)
Kahn slings his hammer at the opponent.
Infinity Break (Android 17)
An unblockable strike that stuns opponents
Snapshot (Frank West)
Frank takes a photo of the opponent, slightly damaging them and stunning them. Each photo increases Frank's Prestige Points for his Skill Level, and higher skill levels (up to 5) unlock more moves, upgrades the objects he attacks with, slightly recovers some health, and increases damage output. Prestige Points can be increased by tacking Snapshot to the end of a combo.

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