Nightwing Movelist

Nightwing twirls his staff for multiple hits.

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Special Moves
[Staff] Injustice +
Similar Moves
Blur Attack / Bo Thrust (Donatello)
Donatello rapidly thrusts his bo at the opponent.
Bo Hell (Donatello)
Donatello slowly somersaults in the air over to his opponent and remains suspended above him or her, then rapidly jabs his bo straight down at the foe.
Fumikomi Hyakuretsu Tou / Lunge One Hundred Sword Destruction (Silver Samurai)
Silver Samurai dashes forward whilst still rapidly slashing.
Hurricane Bow (Green Arrow)
Green Arrow twirls his bow in front of him and then ends with a strong strike.
Hyakuretsu Tou / One Hundred Sword Destruction (Silver Samurai)
Silver Samurai rapidly slashes with his katana.
Million Flicker (J. Talbain)
Talbain whips out nunchaku and goes berserk.
Multi-Strike (Donatello)
Donatello rapidly jabs at the foe with his bo. Donatello can be turned in any direction during this move.
Sabre Thrash / Hasso Happa, 八相発破 (Jubei Yagyu)
This two-handed heretic of the sword goes at it like a wildman.
Trident Rush (Aquaman)
Aquaman jabs his trident rapidly.

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