Cyborg Movelist

Uppercut with a large arm for increased range.

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Special Moves
Injustice +
Similar Moves
Flying Bat (Batgirl)
Forward-leaping uppercut.
Hado Shoryuken (Ryu)
Higher-launching Shoryuken with Hado energy around the fist.
Rising Fist (Sindel)
Rising Pole (Jade)
Shoryuken with a staff.
Rising Pole (Jade)
Shoryuken with a staff.
Shoryuken (Toro)
Toro's version of the popular rising dragon fist. EX version is a mini-Shin Shoryuken.
Tesla Storm (Ryken)
Cybernetic electric anti-air punch.
Uprise (Kitana)
Shoryuken with a fan.

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