Kakuzu Movelist

Two hit punch combo, then Kakuzu shoves his hands into the ground, punching the opponent repeatedly from beneath.

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String Move
Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Heroes 3 ,+
Similar Moves
100 Fist Blow / 百烈拳 (Dragon)
Mashed rapid fist strikes.
Burning Rush (Might Guy)
Soul Rush with fire punches.
Hundred Hand Slap / Hyakuretsu Harite, 百裂張り手 (E. Honda)
Honda batters his opponent with hands so fast they appear blurred.
Hyakurenko (Gen)
Gen performs a rapid strikes.
Lightspeed Strikes (Jada)
Rapid punches.
Machine Gun Upper (Dee Jay)

Needle Shower (Jean Pierre)
Rapid hand strikes, you can move very slowly while attacking.
Soul Rush (Might Guy)
Standard combo until the 4th hit, in which it becomes a mashable rapid punch. Maxes out at 34 hits, in which the final blow launches, but can be canceled to extend combo length.
Vulcan Hook (Zazie)
Rapid punches.
Vulcan Punch (Clark Steel)
Rapid punches at an upward angle.

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