Setsuna Movelist

Setsuna channels his electrical charge into a short punch.

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Similar Moves
Acquisitive Prescription (Valentine)
Valentine, a counter that does no damage on its own, but stuns momentarily
Around The World (The Flash)
Three dashes in the same direction, causing the opponent to spin and be stunned.
Banshee Scream / Yell (Sindel)
Sindel stuns her foe with a scream.
Blinding Light (Jax)
Jax clangs his fists together, causing a bright purple flash to damage and stun the foe.
Body Blow / Gut Punch (Natsuki Kornelia)
Crouch-dashes forward, then punches the opponent's gut.
Bone Duster (Reapermon)
Reapermon starts a fire directly in front of him. Highly damaging, burns, and has a high chance of dizzying.
Burning Tornado (Reapermon)
Reapermon spins a flaming funnel around himself, drawing in nearby foes. Burns, and if the opponent is not already dizzy, has an almost 100% chance of making them dizzy.
Cerebeast (Kamen Rider Strike (Cerebeast))
Strike summons Cerebeast, and it breathes fumes that stun and damage the foe.
Chaos Flare (Demitri Maximoff)
Demitri fires a burst at his foe. In Darkstalkers and Night Warriors it's a simple fireball that burns and knocks down the opponent, and becomes a large demonic head when ES'd. From Vampire Savior onwards the projectile contains a bat that briefly bites and stuns the opponent (longer stun with ES).
Death Sphere (Thanos)
A bubble projectile that momentarily traps the opponent.
Diamond Deflector (Cerebella)
Cerebella and Vice-Versa point forward. Enemy projectiles will be reflected in the form of gems that will fly back at the opponent. These gems will negate other incoming projectiles and stagger an opponent on hit.
Earthquake (Bo Rai Cho)
Bo' Rai Cho stomps the ground, stunning foes if they are on the ground.
El Niño (Michelangelo)
Michelangelo spins around and creates a gigantic whirlwind that travels half-screen and covers the screen vertically in its entirety. Dizzies upon impact.
Electric Arrow (Green Arrow)
Tips the next two shots from Green Arrow's Take Aim with electric arrows that damage more than standard arrows and cause momentary stagger.
Evil Spirit Summons / Akuryou Yobi, 悪霊呼び (Kusare Gedo)
Gedo freaks out and slaps the ground, summoning hands at the opponent's location to hold them still.
Fan Lift / Upraise (Kitana)
Spinning her fan, Kitana creates a vortex that levitates her foe.
Fat Gum (Majin Buu)
Buu throws a sticky substance that immobilizes his foe.
Flash Bomb (Deathstroke)
Deathstroke tosses a bomb that blinds the opponent with light and smoke.
Flash Chop (Alex)
Alex backhands his foe, leaving them temporarily stunned.
Gae Bolga Stinger (Painwheel)
Painwheel fires a volley of barbs from her arms.
Hammer Punch (Jax)
Jax swings his fist up and over, striking his foe and stunning them.
Hammer Toss (Shao Kahn)
Kahn slings his hammer at the opponent.
Head of Helios (Kratos)
Kratos pulls out the disembodied head of the Greek sun god and it conjures forth a blinding flash.
Headbutt (Zangief)
This short-range air attack causes massive stun, dizzying after a couple hits.
Infinity Break (Android 17)
An unblockable strike that stuns opponents
Jumping Stomp (Onaga)
Onaga leaps into the air and stomps on the ground, stunning and damaging standing/crouching opponents.
Kiss / Deadly Kiss, Kiss of Death (Sonya Blade)
Sonya blows pink dust in the opponents eyes, stunning them momentarily.
Kiss of Death (Kira)
Kira blows pink dust in the opponent's eyes, stunning them momentarily.
Mega-Tackle (Android 16)
Android 16 charges with a shoulder tackle. This attack negates projectiles. It also has a random chance of stunning.
Metal Basher (Lex Luthor)
Downward shove that stuns, or if performed a second time, knocks down.
Mighty Strike (She-Hulk)
Performs grabs at varying ranges (close, anti air, dashing) that stun the opponent when they connect.
Mystic Bomb (Ermac)
Ermac drops straight down from the air, slamming his back on the ground and stunning the opponent if they are touching the ground.
Neck Slice (X-23)
X-23 rushes in with a swipe of her claws. Can be stun when fully charged.
Parry (Kano)
Kano moves his arms in a catching position. If he is physically struck in this pose, he spins his opponent behind him and leaves them dizzy.
Poison Mist (Triceraton)
The Triceraton breathes out a yellow-green cloud that temporarily stuns his foe.
Pummel Horse (Cerebella)
Vice-Versa holds down the opponent, while Cerebella pummels the opponent with her fists.
Rhino Charge (Wesker)
Wesker intercepts incoming moves (and supers) and counters with a stunning palm strike.
Scatter Bombs (Batgirl)
An airborne, shortrange projectile that knocks back airborne opponents and stuns standing opponents.
Scatter Bombs (Batman)
An airborne, shortrange projectile that knocks back airborne opponents and stuns standing opponents.
Shitenshu (Gen)
Gen lashes blows at his opponent, and when hit a timer appears over their head. Each tick deals more damage, and if they do not strike Gen before it decreases to zero, they are dizzied.
Shock Attack / Kaikōha, 怪光波 (Piccolo)
Piccolo fires an electric spark with his antennas. The electric jolt will paralyze foes.
Shroud of Flames / Flame Aura (Scorpion)
Scorpion surrounds himself in flames for a short time, causing small amounts of unblockable damage to the opponent upon touch. If the move is activated right next to the opponent, they are burned and stunned.
Six Bars of Light (Byakuya Kuchiki)
Six gradient-shaded bars appear in a circular pattern around the opponent and strike them, causing them to stun in a crouch.
Snapshot (Frank West)
Frank takes a photo of the opponent, slightly damaging them and stunning them. Each photo increases Frank's Prestige Points for his Skill Level, and higher skill levels (up to 5) unlock more moves, upgrades the objects he attacks with, slightly recovers some health, and increases damage output. Prestige Points can be increased by tacking Snapshot to the end of a combo.
Solar Flare (Cell)
A powerful flash of light; opponents are briefly dazzled
Solar Flare / Taiyoken, Taiyōken, 太陽拳 (Goku)
Placing his hands at his face, Goku emits a growing field of energy around him. Foes that come in contact with this field will be momentarily stunned.
Sonic Distortion (Ray Fillet)
Ray fires off a gigantic blast of supersonic waves, which dizzies upon impact.
Stinky Cloud (Noob-Smoke)
Smoke hops back, leaving a cloud of smoke, which can choke the opponent and leave them momentarily stunned.
Stinky Cloud (Smoke (Cyborg))
Smoke hops back, leaving a cloud of smoke, which can choke the opponent and leave them momentarily stunned.
Stinky Fingers (Smoke (Cyborg))
Smoke waves his hands, conjuring a cloud of smoke, which can choke the opponent and leave them momentarily stunned
Stopping Front Kick (Allen)
Thrusts foot straight.
Stopping Front Kick (Jelly Thomas)
Thrusts foot straight.
Stopping Front Kick (Steve Laettner)
Thrusts foot straight.
Stungun Headbutt (Alex)
Alex jumps at his foe and headbutts them until they are dizzy.
Super Gut Punch (Cyclops)
A strong punch to the gut.
Sweet Dreams (Freddy Krueger)
Freddy raises a hand and a small drop of green goo falls from the sky. Stuns upon impact.
Zenpout Tenshin (Yun)
Yun hops over his opponents shoulders, leaving them momentarily stunned.

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