Setsuna is charged by lightning and gains super armor for several seconds.


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Super Desperation Moves
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Similar Moves
Anonymity (Five) / Mumei (Go), 無銘(伍) (Setsuna)
Setsuna charges up with electricity, granting him one hit of super armor.
Armor Mode (Android 16)
Android 16 will immune to knockdowns and hit stuns while in this state.
Battle Butt (Cerebella)
Vice-Versa grows a set of ram horns as Cerebella lunges with a headbutt.
Burning Heart (Bang Shishigami)
Slow acting strikes covered in autoguard, each successful hit grants one of Bang's Fu Rin Ka Zan icons.
Cold As Ice (Mai)
As her Super Meter slowly drains, an ice-coated Mai gains Super Armor until it is depleted.
Diamonds are Forever (Cerebella)
Vice-Versa lifts a rock from the ground and strikes at it, transforming it into a diamond. The diamond flies forward, knocking away projectiles and foes alike.
Doom To All (Doomsday)
Doomsday gains a temporary rocky super armor.
Endoskeleton (The Terminator)
Terminator's skin burns off, revealing his Endoskeleton. He gains super armor but his moves are severely restricted.
Energy Shield (Lex Luthor)
Lex gets one hit of super armor. If charged more, he also takes less damage and the shield lasts longer.
Grave Digger (Solomon Grundy)
Grundy's walk speed increases and he gains Super Armor for a limited time. All of his attack options turn into a trigger for the rest of his super move; a grab that is followed by a slash from one of the weapons in his back, a jumping throw, and finally, smashing the opponent over the head with his own gravestone.
Iron Body (Zangief)
Zangief transforms into Mecha Zangief from Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter, losing the Banishing Flat and Ultra Final Atomic Buster and taking a hit in speed, but gaining Vodka Fire and Siberian Blizzard, as well as Super Armor. Repeating the move turns Zangief back to normal.
Lock n' Load (Cerebella)
Cerebella lunges forward as Vice-Versa cocks back it's arm and performs a straight punch.
Masougeki (King Piccolo)
King Piccolo swipes at his foe. This move has a super armor property; he can take an attack uninterrupted (but still takes damage).
Saotome Shine (Jin Saotome)
When Jin is the last surviving member of his team and his life is low, he automatically gains super armor and increased damage output.
Super Armor (Colossus)
Colossus poses and begins to glow. For a short duration, damage done to him is decreased and he is nigh impossible to knock down, stun, or launch.
Terminate (The Terminator)
Gives Terminator Super Armor and a nice red aura, but disables blocking, dashing, jump, and ducking for him.
Tumbling Run (Cerebella)
Cerebella charges forward, and is able to absorb an attack while closing in.
Unbreakable (Jiro)
Jiro gains temporary Super Armor.
Water Shield (Aquaman)
Aquaman thrusts his trident into the ground and is surrounded by water, which gives him super armor for as long as the button is pressed, but he cannot move.

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