A glowing circle of runes appear on the ground, before flame bursts from the center.


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Special Moves
Akatsuki Blitzkampf +

Similar Moves
212 Shiki: Kototsuki In / 弐百拾弐式・琴月陰, Dark Crescent Slice (Iori Yagami)

Amube Yatoro (Nakoruru)
Nakoruru orders Mamahaha to attack.
Arc Bomb (Hikyaku)
Hikyaku tosses a bomb with an underhand arc. It explodes if it hits the ground or is unblocked by the opponent; Hikyaku himself can be damaged by the blast if he touches it. The bomb will be dropped and explode even if Hikyaku is hit during the move's startup.
Atomic Claw (Dio)
Grab and ignite with burning hand.
Blaze Kick (Blaziken)
Forward-moving spinning fire kick.
Blitz Sieger (Sieger)
Sieger jumps forward in an arc for a flaming body splash.
Bone Duster (Reapermon)
Reapermon starts a fire directly in front of him. Highly damaging, burns, and has a high chance of dizzying.
Break! / 割れろォ! (K9999)

Burning Tornado (Reapermon)
Reapermon spins a flaming funnel around himself, drawing in nearby foes. Burns, and if the opponent is not already dizzy, has an almost 100% chance of making them dizzy.
Captain Fire (Captain Commando)
A beam-like burst of fire from Cap's gauntlet.
Captain Kick (Captain Commando)
A leaping, flaming kick.
Chaos Flare (Demitri Maximoff)
Demitri fires a burst at his foe. In Darkstalkers and Night Warriors it's a simple fireball that burns and knocks down the opponent, and becomes a large demonic head when ES'd. From Vampire Savior onwards the projectile contains a bat that briefly bites and stuns the opponent (longer stun with ES).
Cheer & Fire (B.B. Hood)
B.B. holds a molotov with flaming top out in front of herself.
Cross Shadow Blitz (Shadow)
Auto-combo ending with a knock-away Jumping Sobat.
Crush! / 砕けろォ! (K9999)

Daikyou Burning (Sodom)
Charge forward with jitte held out. If Sodom hits his opponent on the ground, he grabs and pushes them forward along the ground for flaming rugburn.
Dance of Fire / 火炎曲舞 (Kyoshiro Senryo)
Kyoshiro spits a steady burst of flame.
Demon Fire / Summon Hellfire, Hell Fire (Scorpion)
Raising his hands, Scorpion summons the flames of Hell from the ground in the opponent's position.
Dino Arrow (Pink Ranger)
Flaming arrow shot.
Dragon Crusher (BlackWarGreymon)
BlackWarGreymon swipes upward with his claws, creating a wave of energy followed by a wave of fire.
Dragon Missile (Dragonzord)
Dragonzord fires a trio of missiles in an arc.
Erif Ssik (Zatanna)
Zatanna blows a kiss that turns into a firey cloud.
Eye Beam (Goldar)
Flaming quick fireball.
Fartality (Bo Rai Cho)
Bo' Rai Cho strikes a torch on the ground and puts it near his ass, ripping a massively long fart that turns fans the flames toward the opponent (and turning the fire green). The opponent dies of immolation.
Fat Breath (Earthquake)
Earthquake breathes a long-lasting stream of flame directly in front.
Fatal Buster (Super Skrull)
Super Skrull follows up Orbital Grudge with a flaming uppercut.
Fire Binta / ファイアービンタ (Yungmie)
Rapid flaming kicks. Able to move slowly while kicking.
Fire Breath (Karnov)
A burst of fire breath that absorbs projectiles. @term=anypunch@ for high, @term=anykick@ for low.
Fire Breath (Minotaur)
Breathes a puff of flame.
Fire Style: Fire Ball Jutsu / Katon: Gokakyu no Jutsu (Sasuke Uchiha)
Sasuke breathes a steady stream of fire.
Fire Style: Searing Migraine (Kakuzu)
Fire blast across the ground. Massive range.
Fire Sword (Anita)
Akuma appears as you perform a flaming sword attack.
Fireball (Karnov)
Bouncing fire projectile.
Fires of Fecundity / 式神霊符・炎 (Nicotine Caffeine)
Nicotine throws a charm that turns into a dog-like projectile.
Firewater (Bo Rai Cho)
Bo' Rai Cho brandishes a torch and a jug of alcohol. He strikes the torch on the ground, takes a swig from the jug, then spits the alcohol over the torch, spreading the fire over the foe. The foe burns until they collapse into a heap of broken body parts.
First Head Soen (Genryusai Shigekuni Yamamoto)
Yamamoto swipes his sword and sends a trail of fire across the floor.
Flame Breath (Kintaro)
Kintaro blows a steady steam of fire from his mouth.
Flame On / Flame Burner (Sektor)
Sektor fires a flamethrower from his wrist.
Flamethrower (Blaziken)
Burst of flame from the mouth.
Flamethrower (Sektor)
Sektor burns the opponent to death with a flamethrower mounted on his wrist.
Flamethrower / Flame Thrower (Chris Redfield)
Chris uses a flamethrower to scorch his foe.
Flaming Heaven (Yami)
A fiery meteor appears from the top of the screen and crashes to the ground.
Flaming Shot (Huang Jong)

Go To Hell (Scorpion)
Scorpion poses and whisks the opponent away to his lair, where the opponent burns to death.
Gokuenkai / 獄炎界 (Gozu)
Gozu unleashes four firebombs, two on each side. Bombs themselves and explosions will hit.
Gouen Dan / 豪炎弾 (Gozu)
A three-shot burst of burning pellets from Gozu's wrist cannon. @term=abtn@ shoots straight, @term=bbtn@ shoots up at an angle, and @term=cbtn@ shoots almost straight up.
Ground Flame (Hothead)
Hothead crouches down and breathes out a flame that travels on the ground a short way before extinguishing.
Hametsu no Honou / 破滅の炎 (Sokaku)
Sokaku is engulfed in flame and advances through the air a short distance.
Happy & Missile (B.B. Hood)
She hops up and fires a missle down.
Hard Knuckle (Cyber Akuma)
Akuma fires off his cybernetic fist. Semi-homing, burns upon impact.
Hard Upper (Cyber Akuma)
Akuma fires his cybernetic fist straight up. Semi-homing, burns upon impact.
Heidern End (Heidern)
Enhanced Heidern End
Heidern End (Heidern)
Focusing a blade of energy on his hand, Heidern dashes across the screen to stab his opponent in the gut. They hang suspended for a moment before Heidern exclaims "Go to hell!" and explodes them.
Hien Renkoku (Rukia Kuchiki)
Spread-out Pale Lightning followed by a large spread Pale Fire Crash.
High Mega Gou Beam (Cyber Akuma)
Massive, multi-hit beam attack.
Hot Flames (Lex Luthor)
Sweeping flamethrower.
How's this? (Tobi)
Tobi flings a large firecracker straight down.
Hyaha! (Mayuri Kurotsuchi)
Nemu detonates in a large, pixelated burst of flame. Nemu reappears a short time later, but until then, she is unusable.
Inferno Barrier (Shang Tsung)
Tsung uses a scroll to summon a fiery whirlwind behind the opponent.
Jormungandr / Jormungand. ヨルムンガンド (Mycale)
Mycale summons a fire-breathing serpent-like spirit to attack her foe
Kiss of Death (Sonya Blade)
Sonya blows on her open palm, sending a flaming ball toward the opponent. The flame catches the foe on fire, burning away their clothes and flesh, until nothing is left but a charred skeleton.
Lava Missile (Cyclopsis)
Fires a batch of low missiles that explode into flaming columns.
Mech Tenma Kujin Kyaku (Cyber Akuma)
Dive kick with burning properties.
Might Launcher (Huitzil)
Huitzil props up and launches a small exploding missile.
Molotov Cocktail (Kano)
Kano tosses a flaming bottle which sets a patch of ground on fire, causing damage over time if the opponent walks into the fire.
Moonsault Slash (Shadow)
Mid-air downward version of his somersault kick.
Mountain Storm / 超山嵐 (Ryoko Kano)
Grab, then spinning/flaming somersault upwards and slam back down.
Mudoh Goenha / 無道牛炎波 (Gozu)
Gozu disappears into embers and giant flaming bull-head projectiles shoot out from either side.
Napalm Pillar (Parasoul)
A pillar of flame bursts upward around Parasoul
Napalm Trap (Parasoul)
Krieg drops an imobilzing napalm tear an opponent's foot. Parasoul shoots the tear with her pistol, triggering a minor explosion.
Ninja Exploding Dragon Blast / Bakuen Ryu, 忍法爆炎龍 (Hanzo Hattori)
Hanzo punches the ground, sending a rolling burst of flame at his foe.
Oil Bomb (Rocket Raccoon)
Rocket tosses a red ball with an arc. Upon hitting the ground, it creates a puddle of oil, which can be set on fire with his @term=hatk@.
Overheat (Blaziken)
Firey beam attack from the mouth.
Pale Fire Crash (Byakuya Kuchiki)
Multiple fireball stream.
Pale Fire Crash (Rukia Kuchiki)
Rukia shoots a fireball. Hard version throws three in a spread shot.
Psycho Crusher (M. Bison)
Bison lances forward, bathed in psycho power.
Saotome Fire (Jin Saotome)
Jin scrubs his back with such intense vigor that he bursts into flame.
Schwarze Flamme / Black Flame (Kain R. Heinlein)
Hop-back projectile.
Schwarze Panzer / Black Shield (Kain R. Heinlein)
Rushing flame attack. Break applies to @term=3kick@ version only.
Scramble Gou Punch (Cyber Akuma)
Triple advancing Mech Gou Shoryuken with burning.
Second Head Shoen (Genryusai Shigekuni Yamamoto)
Yamamoto swipes his sword upward, creating a rising fire trail.
Shadow Break (Shadow)
Shadow launches many Sonic Booms. Mashing increases how many are thrown.
Shadow Justice (Shadow)
Three consecutive Somersault Shells.
Shakunetsu Hadoken (Akuma)
Multihit flaming fireball
Shakunetsu Ryuhan / Burning Dragon Counter (Akuma)
Akuma grunts and strikes a pose. If he is struck by a basic attack in this pose, he strikes the foe with a flaming dragon punch.
Shienkyaku / Flame Igniting Kick, 熾炎脚 (Fei Long)
A rising fire spin kick.
Shinryu Ken / 神龍拳 (Ryu)
Ken's stationary super shoryuken. Mash for more hits.
Shocking Pink (Viewtiful Joe)
Joe lobs a large pink bomb with a "V" printed on it. This bomb can be knocked around the field, and is capable of bouncing against solid objects. After a few seconds, the bomb goes off, damaging any character touching it - including Joe himself, or his partner. Up to two bombs may be placed on the field at one time.
Shoryu Reppa / 昇龍裂破 (Ryu)
Ken's advancing triple shoryuken.
Shoryuken / Dragon Punch, 昇龍拳 (Ken Masters)
Ansatsuken's trademark leaping uppercut. Ken's fierce Shoryukens first caught fire in Super SF2.
Shroud of Flames / Flame Aura (Scorpion)
Scorpion surrounds himself in flames for a short time, causing small amounts of unblockable damage to the opponent upon touch. If the move is activated right next to the opponent, they are burned and stunned.
Somersault Shell (Shadow)
A backward front flipping somersault kick, fires off a projectile wave upward at an angle.
Sonic Boom (Shadow)
Shadow whips his arm forward and generates a projectile.
Squeeze of Heaven / Temma Rimetsu, 忍法天魔覆滅 (Hanzo Hattori)
Hanzo drives his blade into the earth and creates a pillar of fire.
Ultra Fire Swirl / 超火炎旋風棍, Chou Kaen Senpuu Kon, Super Fire Wheel (Billy Kane)
Billy twirls his staff ablaze, then spins the burn at his enemy.
Uzuhonoojin / 渦炎陣 (Sokaku)
Variation on Hametsu no Honou from Real Bout, Sokaku quickly spins into the other plane while on fire.
Vodka Fire (Mecha Zangief)
Zangief breathes a fiery blue cloud.
Vodka Fire (Zangief)
Zangief breathes a fiery blue cloud.
Vulcan Drukken (Sieger)
A larger blast of fire.
What? (Tobi)
Tobi flails randomly and drops a bomb, recoiling before it explodes.
Yoga Blast (Dhalsim)
A briefly sustained burst of fire up at an angle.
Yoga Fire (Dhalsim)
Dhalsim spits a small flaming projectile.
Yoga Flame (Dhalsim)
A briefly sustained burst of fire out in front.
Yoga Inferno (Dhalsim)
A big blast of fire from the mouth.
You won't get away! (Soifon)
Soifon briefly jabs her sword into the ground. A few seconds after withdrawing it, a bald ninja (a member of the Onmitsukido) dive kicks the foe, setting them on fire.

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