Mycale conjures a portal in the air. A giant hammer drops from the portal.


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Special Moves
Akatsuki Blitzkampf +

Similar Moves
Armageddon (Blackheart)
Blackheart summons boulders from above.
Calamity Sword (ν-13)
Nu calls down a giant blade from above.
Coffin Dance / Hitsugi no Mai (Anakaris)
Drops a giant coffin at one of many locations, determined by button.
Corpse Drop (Shang Tsung)
Tsung pulls out a scroll and summons a dead body to drop on the foe.
Crashing Flames (Shang Tsung)
Tsung summons two high fireballs, one after another, which crash downward at an angle like comets.
Death Shoot (Lucky Glauber)
Lucky makes a jump shot that comes down at distance determined by button.
Fat Guilty (Earthquake)
Earthquake sends his chain off the top of the screen and it quickly flies down to hang an unwary opponent.
Fire From Above (Kai)
Kai fires a fireball straight up, which comes back down at the opponent's relative position.
Formation C (Strider Hiryu)
A mecha-bird drops a bomb close, midrange, or far, depending on kick strength.
Gamma Crush (Hulk)
Hulk leaps into orbit and returns carrying a meteor to drop on the opponent. If it hits on the way up, the opponent will be knocked prone for the meteor hit. If @term=backward@ is held, Hulk drops in the opposite direction.
Gamma Quake (Hulk)
Hulk slams the ground and stones fall from the sky.
Gauntlet Space (Thanos)
Rocks are sucked into a portal directly in front of Thanos, then dropped out over the opponent's head.
Happy & Missile (B.B. Hood)
She hops up and fires a missle down.
Heavenly Light (Ashrah)
Ashrah fires a blast of light upward, which goes up and off the top of the screen, and then comes back down a short distance away.
Himmlischer Atem / Heavenly Breath (Kain R. Heinlein)
Kain summons a massive ball of energy from the sky.
Impact Event (Sinestro)
Sinestro conjures a giant boulder construct from the sky to smash the foe with.
Replica Dog (Galford D. Weller)
Poppy ninja-teleports into the air and drops down onto the opponent.
Scatter Blast (Krillin)
Krillin sprays an upward ki blast that falls down to earth in an arc pattern. The ki stays on the ground for short time, damaging foes who touch it and nullifying enemy projectiles.
Shadow of Impending Doom (Peacock)
Peacock whistles, signaling random junk to drop from the sky.
Skyfire / Up Skull (Shang Tsung)
Tsung flings a Flaming Skull upward, which comes crashing down on the opponent's general vicinity.
Steel Rain (Rolento)
Rolento launches multiple knives into the air, they come down on top of the opponent.
Telekinetic Strike (Martian Manhunter)
Manhunter summons a bolt of psychic energy from up above, at a downward angle. Pressing @term=backward@, @term=forward@, or @term=up@ changes its destination.
Upward Missile / Up Missile (Sektor)
Sektor leans back a bit and fires a missile straight up, which comes back down in the opponent's general position.

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