Victor von Gerdenheim Movelist

Throw performed with the glutes.

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Throw Moves
Vampire Savior (close)/+/
Vampire Savior 2 (close)/+/
Vampire Hunter 2 (close)/+/
Similar Moves
Gerdenheim 3 (Victor von Gerdenheim)

Gorgeous Hip Attack / ゴージャス・ヒップ・アタック (Reika)

Great Gerdenheim L (Victor von Gerdenheim)
Electrified and possessed by the ghost of the Professor, most of Victor's normals change properties and become ass-based for the duration.
Hip Attack (Pac-Man)
Spins around and drops straight down to attack with the Moku-mecha's butt.
Hip Launch (Aska)
Aska leaps at her opponent butt-first.
Square Boost (Kitana)
Kitana uses her fans to send her flying across the arena, smashing into the foe with her ass.
Sumo Smash / スーパー百貫落とし (E. Honda)
Honda rises into the air flat, then down with a butt smash.

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