Chun-Li Movelist

Undulating bird-shaped fireballs.

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Super Moves
Street Fighter: The Movie , [Preview]
Similar Moves
Air Soul Fist (Morrigan Aensland)
Same as Soul Fist at 45 degree down angle.
Argus Agony (Peacock)
A mechanical bird head emerges from the top hat and fires a laser beam. Rows of eyes, creating a formation that resembles a peacock's tail feathers emerge, firing a barrage of laser beams.
Aura Bird (Janne)
Bird-shaped standard fireball.
Cobra Blow (Anakaris)
Anakaris punches out with his arms in the image of a giant serpent.
Condor Attack (Gloria)
Glides forward, becoming the very image of a large red bird.
Cross Nail (Wolvan)
Air Gold Fang.
Eagle Shot (Gan Ning)

Exorcist Charm Slice / 式神霊符・雷 (Nicotine Caffeine)
Nicotine throws a charm that turns into a bird projectile.
Falcon Drop (Deliza)
Flies off the top of the screen, then descends as a fire falcon on the opponent's position.
Falcon Punch (Captain Falcon)
With a marvelously enunciated Engrish shout of "FAL-CONE PAUNCH!", Captain Falcon delivers a massively powerful punch, with a fiery falcon engulfing his fist.
Fenrir (Mycale)
Mycale conjures a portal. A spectral wolf emerges and runs towards the defending character.
Fenrir Drive (Filia)
Samson transforms into a spinning ring of teeth, launching Filia upward in the process. Filia sits on top of Samson as he turns into a lupine shape and dives down with a bite.
Fire Bird (Janne)

Fire Bird (Janne)

Fires of Fecundity / 式神霊符・炎 (Nicotine Caffeine)
Nicotine throws a charm that turns into a dog-like projectile.
Gold Fang (Wolvan)
Wolvan hurdles into the shape of a wolf's head.
Gottsui Tiger Bazooka / ごっついタイガーバズーカ (Mizoguchi)
A larger tiger shot with significant charge time, not unblockable but will beat other projectiles and keep going.
Gregor Samson (Filia)
Samson turns into cockroach and sends Filia flying across the screen.
Jormungandr / Jormungand. ヨルムンガンド (Mycale)
Mycale summons a fire-breathing serpent-like spirit to attack her foe
Kirin Dash Break / 麒麟猛衝破 (Ryofu)

Muaythai Kick (Shura Nai Khanomtom)
Shura knees off the top of the screen and stays gone for an inordinate amount of time, finally coming back several seconds later.
Senbonzakura Kageyoshi Shukei Hakuteiken (Byakuya Kuchiki)
A large, blue, bird-like aura forms over Byakuya (beginning with wings, but eventually shaping a body), then blasts forward with a massive dose of pixelated blue flame.
Sepultura (Giovanna)
Giovanna attacks as she moves a short distance forward.
Shark Knuckle (Captain Kidd)

Shark Upper (Captain Kidd)
Captain Kidd performs an uppercut. A watery shark-shaped projection enhances this move's hitbox and power.
Silver Fang (Wolvan)
Rushing double swipe.
Sky Monkey / 猴天翔, Pouncing Clobberer (Gokuu)

Slick's Tiger Flash Blast / 黒子八極弾 虎煌拳 (Kuroko)
Kuroko's version of Ryo's Koh Oh Ken.
Soul Fist (Morrigan Aensland)
Simple projectile.
Soul Flash (Lilith)
A rather short range projectile.
Swallow Swipe / Tsubame Gaeshi, 秘剣つばめ返し (Ukyo Tachibana)
A wide aerial slash. Emits a flaming bird that travels upwards. Easily "tiger knee'd" from the ground by ending with @term=uforward@
Swanny Crash (Annie Hamilton)
A swan-shaped projectile flies forward. If executed with hard punch, the swan flies both forward and up.
Tiger Bazooka (Mizoguchi)

Trovao (Giovanna)
Giovanna lunges forward with incredible speed as she attacks.
Whale Hevring (Erick)

Widow's Peak (Filia)
Filia's hair transforms into a spider, and throws the victim into the ground.
Yoruho'o / Night Phoenix (Might Guy)
Guy catches on fire with a bird (phoenix, based on the name) shape and rushes the foe.

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