Cammy White Movelist

A Whiplash followed by a Hooligan Combination ending in a Frankensteiner.

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Super Moves
Street Fighter: The Movie (hold),,,(release) [Preview]
Similar Moves
Exploding Hurricane Tiger Heel (Joe Higashi)
A lengthy string of attacks with a Tiger Kick into Golden Heel finish.
Exploding Hurricane Tiger Heel (SDM) (Joe Higashi)
An even lengthier string of attacks with a Tiger Kick into Golden Heel finish and a few hurricane uppers thrown in for good measure.
Goodnight Suga (Rogue)
Rogue rushes at her foe with a shadow-trailed Repeated Punches, then transitions to a Rising Repeated Punches, and finishes with a mid-air Power Drain, retaining her foe's power upon the attack's completion.
Hien Renkoku (Rukia Kuchiki)
Spread-out Pale Lightning followed by a large spread Pale Fire Crash.
Irate Buffalo (Balrog)
Four Dash Straights and a Dash Upper.
Kanzuki-ryu Shinbi Kaibyaku (Karin Kanzuki)
A rush of Gurenken punches with a Mujin Kyaku finish.
Lightning Cannonball (Blanka)
Ground Shave Roll + Electricity
Shin Kongogeki (Sajin Komamura (Incognito))
Sajin reaches out to grab his opponent as if he were to perform the Kongogeki. He proceeds to slam him or her on the opposite side of him, then flips them overhead and slams them again, then, he leaps into the air ala the Gotodan, dropping down and slamming the foe to the ground and dragging his or her carcass along the ground, to the opposite end of the screen. Sajin finishes by turning around towards the opponent and firing a Tenken at the body.
Spin Drive Smasher (Cammy White)
Cammy does a multi-hit Spiral Arrow, followed by a multi-hit Cannon Spike.
Tiger Genocide (Sagat)
A tiger knee with tiger uppercuts on the end.
Ultra Final Atomic Buster (Zangief)
A Flying Power Bomb, a Suplex, and a toss up and off the screen; Zangief follows the foe and brings them back down with a Spinning Piledriver.

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